Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Relaxed Approach

Since I last wrote I haven't ridden too much but what bits I've done they've been pretty fun! I went back to Essex on Friday night and hung out with the rents a bit, talked for a couple of hours and generally caught up with things. I hit the sack quite early as i wanted to get up early Saturday and do a bunch of jobs. I managed to get the sub fitted in the van (finished it off last night and WOW! it sounds amazing!) washed the van inside and out, helped my Dad do a run to the tip and had a good lunch. I then got spritzed up and suited and booted and headed to Chris Garners Wedding in North Ockendon, I arrived just as Jemma was walking up the path to the Church - Whoops! I got in just in time! The service was very nice and it was super cool to see some of my old school friends too.

After the service there was a big slap up meal, the speeches, then a pretty cool party with a completely free bar (Thanks Guys!) I took it steady though, i'm kinda over getting completely torn up, and i wanted to make the most of my sunday too, still i had a very good time, danced loads, laughed a bunch and mingled with everyone, DC party renaissance.

I got home pretty late, and sat up with the cats for a bit, Alf is almost 18 now, but he's still going strong, a super cool cat with incredibly bad breath! It's shit not having Frank about though, i always liked coming home and sitting with him for a bit, I do miss the old boy.

Sunday I got up and went to see my old friend Laura at her stable, we hung out and she introduced me to her horse Zambra who we then washed! People wash horses, who knew?! It was a pretty fun experience and Zambra enjoyed it I think, Laura and I had breakfast and caught up before she headed off on her Piaggio put put scooter and I headed back home, it was a lovely morning.

I grabbed some lunch then got the push iron and headed to Warley Woods in Essex, this was my old spot where many friendships were made, my Brother from another Mother Will and I hooked up at Warley many many years ago now, and we still tight now, the mutual bond of bicycles and dirt is a strong one.

Anyway, Warley has gone off! The locals are all pretty serious, and the trails are no joke. I walked into the clearing and there were a bunch of yoots in skinny jeans, gloves in back pocket, upturned 59fiddy caps, rolling heavy through what was the main line, it looked sick, and i had that immeadiate intimidation thing going on! But i soon started chatting to these breadrins and cracked a few jokes and they soon warmed, i was in! I asked about speed and if there was anything to watch out for. These wasn't anything really to get warmed up on, so it was just to take it one step at a time. I soon had the main line down and i was buzzing, there was some awesome pump bumps, and turns thrown in to the set, it was sick! Then there was a big line on the right, and it was BIG! I'm heading back soon fo sho! I eventually made it all the way through that, but on my first attempt at the last in in the set i landed flat botom, I have no idea how i stayed on! The yoots seemed stoked for me and I think I got the session pumped up! I had to head off for a BBQ though and I said i'd catch up with them again soon. Fo Sho!

Rode Bolehills last night and it felt well flat! ha ha. Get some more riding down this week, i'm loving the BMX right now, it's always good to mix it up a bit. Jez called last night and asked if I wanted to ride Manchester superX track this Thursday, but I don't know if I can get there, work is killing me right now. I'm not sure how long the track will be around for, i'd be pissed if i didn't get a ride of it, or at least a go down "that" hill.

I'll keep you in the loop!


Pictures courtesy of Phil over at gravity-slaves from last Thursdays Bolehills session, feel the magic!

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