Thursday, 24 July 2008

No Beef Just Vibes!

You Wot you Wot?!

Cheesy, but i'm actually feeling that rave tune, not into bassline normally, but maybe the summer weather has gone to me head.

Its been an awesome week, rode Derby until dark on Tuesday and had an awesome session, it went off, i did some coaching early on, then had a BBQ, then got the push rod out and had a couple of hours, i struggled on the jump into the 2nd corner last week, this week i was feeling a bit better, had some creative influence from all the local shredders and got over it smooth as, i was pumped! I want to jump the entire triple into turn one, maybe next time around. Gloves on for that badboy!

Tonight we locked it down at Bolehills, again riding until dark, smiles for miles, i love Bolehills. Phil over at gravity slaves got his new Nikon 300D out with super long lens and took some fresh shots, an old boy bought up a suitcase of trophies for us to dish out to the kids, the track was smooth and lippy, and everything just felt good.

Loads of riders in the mix Mooonbaay is all over the BMX scene now, the knee causing less and less grief and the turn bars are getting more and more clicked. Gloves in the back pocket is the next step mister! Lauren rocked up from Derby with her van modified to seat 5 now, the seat cost her 2 quid or summit, straight out of a national express! Pete, Jim, OC, AT Big W and Devan, he's only 12, but he's massive. The session was sick, and i was stoked afterward, had a curry, and a glass of red wine whilst i did my ironing, tell me i ain't hardcore!

No burnham for me this weekend, over that place and I have a wedding to attend in essex on the Saturday. A wedding specialist as Bates referred to me as, ha ha! should be a good laugh, i also plan on clocking some road miles up Saturday morning on them smooth Essex roads and then hitting Herne Bay on the Sunday. Sick!

Good luck to the ravers hitting up Burnham, see you at the next one!


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