Monday, 21 July 2008

yes! Currently stood in the apple store awaiting the sign up process to get a new iPhone, I'm pysched! I'm typing this out on one in store now. It's pretty awesome!

The bolehills (all day rave!) was a complete success we managed to make a good few quid for the club, have a lot of fun and ride our dirt bikes in the sunshine (mostly). I even managed to race and win Motos like it weren't no thing! Even though I was shattered! Come final time I was goosed I lead it until turn 2 when regional hero came by to take the win. He was stoked, I wasn't bothered, I was stoked that the day went well, the weather was pretty good and the beats were pumping all day, fresh to def!

Steve taylors wedding do was mint too on Saturday night, hectic party vibe, booze, food and dance offs to soulja boy and run DMC. Awesome night and everyone looked mint! I'm getting into this dressed up ting!

It was great to see everyone this weekend and I was pumped that guested my second moto, came last but did a manual and an x up! Holla!

Pictures to come! It's iPhone time!

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