Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Coffee Triggered Emotions

I got in to work quite early this morning as i'm taking an extended lunch to go Spinning - Yes, spinning, i'm even wearing lycra and 661 BMX clip shoes. A spinning fashion faux paux, or just a faux paux in general. I remember doing it many moons ago at the gym I went to on Tottenham Court Road in London, and I also remember almost going over the bars as i forgot about the fixed wheel, and thought i'd have a bit of a coast.. I seem to recall swearing to myself - Never again.. Yet here i am, bag packed, session booked to put myself through that misery again! I feel very heavy at the moment, in fact 87.9 kg heavy, and the road bike although nice on short blasts feels horrible on long rides, i guess the winter has a lot to do with it, but i just feel like such a lump! BMX and XC is okay though, and I guess thats more fun anyway!

So I thought with spining i'm not really having my weight work against me, and hell, it may even be fun.

The point I was going to make, and yet again I defer from course, was this morning I had a fresh cup of coffee, I never normally drink coffee so early in the morning, unless i'm on the France roadtrip. And it hit me a bit really, a convulsion of emotions that left me feeling, well, a bit shit. I'll not be tasting that proposturiously overpriced Formula 1 coffee this year, being served it by some sour faced old hag. But God love her really. She is the beacon in the morning fog, the drive for my day, without that horrid, horrid woman at the Formula 1 Montpellier last year, i'd have struggled, no doubt about it.

And it isn't just that, of course it isn't. There is so much I love here, and so much that i'll miss over the next 12 or so months.

On Friday they announced that the firm was struggling (we saw it coming to be honest) and they are to make 400 redundancies in the interim. This recession we're in has come about very fast, and has hit every industry hard, there is work in the Americas Region of my firm, but after my year in NY is up, what will happen?

My plans are to attend the 2010 Worlds in SA that much i'm CERTAIN about, but right now I'm sure i'll want to come home too, but who knows the state of the economy, or my industry, and who is to say i'll still have a job here. I may end up a Littlest Hobo of the CAD world, following the work around the globe.. Where Revit takes me, no one knows.

But it was this realistion, all after a gulp of coffee, no family, no Lauren, no Warren and Hannah, Will, Alec, Cooper,, 51JR, UrbanAir, the BMX scene, the riding circle, the amazing friends I have, the opportunities here in Sheffield.. It hurt quite a lot to think about it, and I suppose I haven't thought about it until that blasted gulp of fresh hot coffee.

I know it'll be an amazing experience, and flip, my visa interview is on Friday and it may not even be granted.. Although i'm sure it will, but you know what the Americans are like, I have a beard, therefore i might be an extremist.


But seriously, we'll have to see how I fare against Homeland Security before i get too excited (or depressed!)..

But know that I love you all, and the open door policy is just that, come see me whenever. I'll be coming home a couple of times too for sure, and i'm sure the time will fly by.

Keep checking Great work from the boy!

DC x


Northern Monkey said...

Spinning is good! I've been throwing in the odd interval session lately and its hard work...

Re everything can always get another job, or even create one for yourself. And the most important thing is that your mates will always be here, and BMX, and......... Starbucks;)

Top post mate!!

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