Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year, New Challenges

Yes! Happy New Year one and all, hope you all had a great one, mine was pretty chilled out, but seeing the new year in with some of my good friends, and Lauren was really nice, and was all i wanted, so it was ace. A good night at the Green Room raving it massively to electro/grime and some dubstep, feel the bass in the face!

I got back to work tomorrow and make a start on things for my immigration. I have to get an interview arranged fill out a ton of forms and then head to London for an interview at the American Embassy. Sheeeet. It's all good though and i'm psyched for it. This holiday has been great i've ridden almost every day and had some intense training sessions, hit 130kg for 8 on the squats, i feel like a train has hit me still.. 2 days on! But it's a nice kind of pain. I've had some great nights raving, seen most of my friends and enjoyed not being in work.. I have come down with a bug though over the last 24 hours, i feel pretty dog rough, so no riding yesterday and maybe just a 30 minute blast at the hills to loosen up and get some fresh air today. I hate being sick, its very rare i come down with out, but when it happens i tend to get hit hard.

Anyway, just a quciky to say Happy New Year and i'll keep ya'll looped on the deats.

Big up to RB for an awesome set of shots from the Bolehizzle, i love shredding for you bruv!
Peep it.