Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Day, damn, it doesn't seem that long ago that i was here visiting the folks in Essex and gorging myself on delicious food, sipping chilled beers and enjoying the family vibe.. It is so nice to not have to worry about work for the next 2 weeks, get some god bike time down, see my friends in this part of the world, then hurry back to Sheffield to celebrate New Year.

Warren and Hannah are in SA right now, living the dream and enjoying the warm weather and the warmer water (!!) they're not back until the 19th of January, i'll miss you cats!

Right now generally things are ace, it really is nice right now. I'm very happy with things. I am blessed with amazing friends and a great family, and I do feel lucky to have these people around me. I'll never take them for granted. Anyway, the holidays are making me soppy, so i'll get on with it..

Next year, things are shaking up a bit.. I'll be moving to the Big Apple, NYC for a year secondment with work. I'm totally excited about it, and i cannot wait. I'll be working on a project based out of Montreal, a new highway spanning over 2 huge estuaries which will require 2 bridges. I'll be working on those, creating the construction drawings. It sounds like a pretty amazing project and i've never worked on an infrastructure project of this magnitude before, so no doubt it'll be a hectic challenge. But i'm psyched on it.

I'll be living in Manhattan for 2 months then moving out to Brooklyn i think, that is to be arranged, its so flipping expensive though! It'll be mid February before i head out i think, so plenty of time to tie off everything here, have a good old shindig and sort my life out before i go!

It is a huge step, and kind of requires me to arrange things over here as if i were leaving for good. A year is a funny amount of time. I can't keep the plates spinning. So it'll be goodbye to 51JR, my home for almost 4 years now, and a house i totally love, with great people. I'll be leaving behind all my friends, people i care dearly about, and I can't think too long and hard about that. Just know that if you do want to come out to NY, and live it up without forking out for a room, hit me on the hip and i see you right, be-lee.

I'll be back though, that much i am certain about, Sheffield is my home, a place i adore with some of the most amazing people i have ever met. I could never not return. A year will fly by, things will be cooking here, and i'll be busy there, it'll be over in a moment i'm sure.

But the thought of riding my bike over Brooklyn Bridge in the morning, summertime in central park, riding out to long island at the weekend, or upstate for BMX or mountain biking, fills me with such excitement i know it'll be alright. And an opportunity i'd be insane to turn down.

There is a lot to sort in the New Year regarding the visa and immigration things, but i'm blowing up right now!

Anyway, Happy Holidays to my 4/5 readers, keep on the training tip! I plan to ride everyday i'm off, it'll be hard, but i just gotsta!

Dalby for an XC mission on the 29th of December, so hit that!

I'm out, eat, drink and be merry!

DC x x


Northern Monkey said...

Get out there brother... hit it hard, and come back a wiser man. We might even miss you whilst you're gone....;)

CJ Kellett said...

Good news youth, that sounds rate good. Gutted i wont get to race u on 20" beast thou.

Chris Kellett

Christine said...

gotta do it mate, i've got some mates in NY that race. I'll hook you up with them, and of course DC is only about 4hrs away for road trips. I'll clean the spare room for the Woodbridge National, in between the NMKY, Mrs MKY and baby Robyn, you'll be grand.. Hoppy

snazel said...

Good luck dan with the big apple! live the dream while you can! and merry christmas, catch you at a regional soon maybe

leccyt said...

Well that's four readers.

Maybe five now