Sunday, 14 December 2008

I fell running, once

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything on here, it has been a while, I have been very busy with a load of stuff going on in he background, some of it quite exciting, other parts, not as much. But it has meany my blogging has suffered as a result. Probably not such a bad thing.

I’ve had an awesome weekend and really mixed things up. Yesterday the weather was so awful, so I decided to go fell running, it’s something I have never done before and I kind of improvised through Endcliffe Parks and out to Porter Clough, it meant running up steep, slippy banks, over roots and rocks, through the Clough which was almost waist deep at one point, freezing cold, but gave me such a rush! I was so psyched, I just had my iPod on, screaming Hot Water Music through at me, and I was zoned!

Saturday afternoon I headed to Dave Ives over in Lytham and joined the crew for The Goldcoast Christmas do, which ended up being a very funny night, with lots of banter and piss taking, its good job its water off a ducks back! Ha! Today after the worst drive back I managed to get to the climbing gym and session with Warren, Hannah, Mason and young Speedway DirtBike prodigy Tai Woffinden. We had 2 hours of going at it, and it was a big session with loads of new stuff getting nailed so I was psyched!

No BMX this weekend, or bike time at all, I don’t feel I have to ride it all the time now, which is kind of nice and means I get to do other things, with lots of different people and keep it varied and mixed. Which is, of course the spice of life.
The gym has been going great and hitting new PB’s eRRyday! The climbing is cool, the night rides are intense and mad hard, they leave me feeling battered and bruised, I’m still in my heavy phase, so I’m a big lug to be shifting about the woods of Wharncliffe in the dead of the night! Also I have perfected the art of going over the bars. Oof! Work is okay, pretty busy on the run up to Christmas but it helps the time go fast, and it’ll soon be over for 2008 and time to see the folks and the Fam, and my friends in the South.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas though, does it?

Warren and Hannah are heading to SA for a month in about a week or so, I’ll miss those guys over Christmas, plus training will suck on my own, I don’t think I can motivate myself to do lunges when no one is there to tell me off for slacking! Have an amazing time guys and send me a postcard, if not only to keep in line with English tradition!

Listen to Bon Iver. I can’t get enough.

8 more days in work. Can’t wait til its done. Big things agwarn in the future I’ll keep you hustlers looped in on it!

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