Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Everybody Stop Having Fun! We're In Recession!

What's cooking..

It's December already, damn.. The credit crunch is in full affect here in Sheffield, the shops are rammed full, people walking about with masses of bags under their arms, parcels delivered everyday to work filled with expensive goodies.. It's official we're in recession!

I pretty much have the Christmas shopping sorted, just a couple of little odds and sods to get, it's nice to get it sorted early, then chill for the rest of the month, plus its nice to know i can spend all my December pay packet on festive broads, fast cars and bucks fizz. You know I roll large!

It's freezing, literally freezing, i fell over outside JR yesterday morning slipping on black ice, I wasn't look where I was going and was wearing road shoes, (carbon soles with plastic cleats - i.e ice skates) and went down quite hard. I laid there for a moment, made sure everything was intact, which it was, got up and slowly made my way to work. Shit hot start to the day!

The weekend went well, gates and helping do a touch of coaching at Derby on Saturday which was a great deal of fun, a couple of nice dinners out, and a day of trails with UrbanAir/Fox squad and Lauren, which was good fun! As we were heading back to Derby though we received news the container had been bruk into (keeping it street..) and everything had been stolen.. Damn! When we got there, literally everything had gone, including bin bags, bins, fence posts, old horrible tables covered in mud, along with lots of expensive stuff like generators and the gate.. Someone did a proper job!

Fortunately, It turned out the council had discovered the open container and salvaged most of the stuff, and only 15 or so bikes had been taken, a sorry shame, but still better than what we all first thought. I hope these scumbags get what's coming to them. And soon. What is going on down there is so positive, and is keeping the community spirit alive, however, some are so selfish and short sighted that they take without remorse. For the sake of selling a messed up bike for £20, it takes away the opportunity for underprivileged kids to ride at all. I hope they enjoy the junior bikes that'll be near impossible to sell, and i hope they sit in their sheds, taking up all their space and 5 years down the line when they want a new flymo they can't fit it in, as there loads of old bikes in the way.. That'll learn 'em! ;)

That, or syphilis.

So it was a good weekend , followed by an aweosme session at the climbing wall with Hannah and Warren, i was feeling confident and strong and had a great session in there. Typically, Warren and I push eachother, sometimes a little far out of the comfort zone, I think they call it the sharp end... ;) It feels good to tick another problem off the list each visit, it's totally addictive!

Good gym session last night, good gains and new PBs.. My current bench press is up to 75kgs which i'm happy with but i'm aiming to bench my body weight by the new year! Hitting the climbing wall tonight again, I just hope my arms aren't too tired from last nights excesses!

This weekend I have coaching with the midlands talent team hopefuls, then some BMX time for myself followed by Hotchicks and Douchebags party with Will CashMoney Greg and those cats, and XC and climbing on Sunday.. Oh you knows it!!

Thinking of selling my 2007 Intel iMac, OS X Leopard, 1 gb ram, 250 hard drive, Adobe CS3, microsoft office 2008, new flat keyboard, wireless mighty mouse, logitech 2.1 speaker system. Interested? :)


Northern Monkey said...

Selling the iMac...? wash your mouth out!! drop and give me 20!!! haaaa!!

baybutt said...

how much for the speakers bruv?