Monday, 24 November 2008

Poor Show!

A poor show on the update front, I got my first ever abusive message today from long time blog reader and killer photographer thanks for the push.. I'm feeling flat and a bit shitty right now. There seems to be a million things going on in the background, some good, some not so good, and it feels like a lot of weight on my mind. Big decisions to make, and resulting consequences to deal with.

Anyway when I can switch off and escape from it all, its been ace, the night ride scene is big and i'm feeling more and more confident when i head out, hitting the downhills faster and really letting it go. The gym is good, Warren and I did 140kg for 3 on the deadlift and I reckon we could have hit more.. thats all the weight we have so the long running joke about getting eachother a 20 plate each for Christmas may become reality. Oh! It's what i've always wanted!

Cooper got a pretty sick sounding job - well done bro!

This weekend there was an awesome mix of raving, BMX, XC and climbing. After Hospitality at Plug on Friday night which saw big moves being bust to Commix, High Contrast, London elektricty and some bear dark dubstep I rose (too) early to hit Bolehills with Leccy T. This resulted in the pair of us laughing so hard we had sore stomachs! It was awesome. Leccy T has been working super hard on his power recently, and it became apparent that between spitting all over his handlebars and doing squats, he enjoys pedalling up lips and jumping into the backsides. Subsequently smashing his wrists up in the process, i was jumping about 4 feet behind on this occassion so rather then maim my friend I took the suicide route myself and jumped into the up slope of the step up.. I was laughing so hard i forgot where I was and almost killed myself again on the 3rd jump.. Damn son! Was a good blast and a lovely day to be on the BMX, it's been too long!

Warren came up and bought with him a contraption that slightly resembled a BMX but it's been that long that I don't even know if he knew what it was. After that we headed into town and did a bit of shopping, i'm looking for a padded, winter lumberjack shirt, i found one for £7 on the moor but had no cash, so i'll be going back for that badboy soon. It made me look and feel exceptionally pikey. Perfect.

A big chill out saturday night and gourmet burgers at the Harpers, delicous. Sunday i felt much better after a big sleep, so Essex boys Will, Dave and myself along with the African headed out to the peaks for a fun blast on the XC whips, just a 2 hour loop, with some fast downs and plenty of mud! It was sick! We all had at least one item of gay clothing on, Dave in his skin suit thermal layer, warren in his tights and Will in his ear warmers, I topped the bill wearing all of the above items, well not the head warmer.. I have to draw the line somewhere! There were moves being bust all over, and Warren tried to bust a sneaky inside line on me through blackamoor, unfortunately though, a moss covered tree stump saw him go down hard, gotta say the brother was committed!

After we'd washed up and eaten we were then joined by Lauren and hit up the climbing wall, i've not been in ages and it felt great to be back in there busting moves, and feeling the pump. I think everyone enjoyed it, so i'm excited for more sessions in the future.

A full on, exhausting weekend, and I loved every second of it. Back to reality and the decision making now, i'll keep you posted RB!

Love to the Hood!


baybutt said...

Yeah DC! Wasn't an abusive text - just one for the push.

all sounds busy and good. Missing the north.

Catch up soon.


PS: did you get the film?

daniel said...

Abusive sounded better! ;)

I got the vid thank you, i meant to text you but all the muscles distracted me!! I watched about 20 minutes of it, I plan to watch it completely as soon as i'm pumped up on creatine.

You can't compete with concrete!

leccyt said...

Hahaha. I do like pedalling up lips