Thursday, 13 November 2008

Don't Stop Dreaming


Things have been pretty good recently, i shan't bore you with the details but the gym work is going exceedingly well, the bike time i'm getting feels good, and i'm feeling super positive about what is ahead of me.

I've been pondering recently about what to do next year, class wise. I've been training hard, I believe harder than the majority of 19+, hell, i reckon some of the elite guys are slacker than what I been bussing! But with me it's in the head, I need to get on that gate and know in myself i've done the work, I have the strength and the skill to do well, but alas i fall at the first mental hurdle. I do feel more confident now, and with that maybe I'll break down the barriers and get on with the business.

With me, I want to be racing in the most competive class, now that may not be the fastest class, but i'd rather be racing 20+ guys with semi finals and the like than going grand-prix style racing with 5 other guys as it was at one of the nationals this year in Elite. So for me, i think the decision to ride up will be made when the depth of the Elite class becomes apparent. This year 19+ was the most competiive class (apart from maybe 11-12 and 13-14 male!) so it was definately the place to be.

If everyone who says they're going up, does, then elite should be a deep class with a strong amount of competition. Either way, I'm psyched for it.

Planning on hitting the Belgian indoor race in January, and the France roadtrip is on for sure, so again, super pysched for that, best week of the year, get on it if you can!

I hit 120kgs on the squat rack for 6 the other day which i was stoked on and 125kg for 10 on the deads.. I was nowhere near that last year, so this home gym thing is definately where it's at! Warren is getting stronger every week, and surpasses me n bicep curls already, he already won the BBC (big bicep challenge) in work.. So what chance do I have?! ha ha

The weekend gone I had an amazing time down in London, we went to the Don't Stop Dreaming - Episode 1 - Chasing dreams trailer in Fulham. It's a Body Boarding/lifestyle/enviromentalism movie created by Colin Van Dongen, A "Saffa" that's been travelling the world hitting up legendary wave, and putting his neck on the line to create this movie. I first met Colin at Warrens wedding, in fact he crashed at 51JR and I immeadiatly liked the guy, he has some pretty hectic stories and always has something to say, a top top guy. He also has serious skills on the camera box, and in the editing suite. Props Bru!

Anyway, check the trailer on the site above, it's something I never thought i'd be into, but seriously, it's epic and I was buzzing off it.. Anyone fancy hitting Haiwai over Christmas? Thats when the wave is cookin' ha ha was in the joint, and I travelled down with the wonderful Warren and Hannah Harper entourage. We hooked up with Terry and did some shopping, got some sick new pumps and a few other bits, had a few drinks here and there, some good food, and the best company.. Perfect.

This coming weekend i'm looking forward to some bike time, well, as much as my legs can handle, its been too long, and i miss it. Bolehills, i'm coming for ya!

Be lucky!

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Northern Monkey said...

If you step up to Elite and make the first move, others may follow suit...whaddya think?