Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Blogspot has gotten me down recently, i haven't felt inspired to write about much, the other blogs I check daily have been keeping entertained, i quite like the idea of Rich Eames approach to try and avoid writing about bikes or training, but right now, in my life that all there is going on! Whether i be on the road bike, the XC whip, in the gym, ERRYDAY! or riding my BMX (which i must admit has been few and far between of late) there isn't a great deal left in my ever exciting, roller coaster of a life.

Hold on tight!

So I crashed my road bike, I hit a cattlegrid a little skew and BAM down i went, it sucked and it hurt, then i had to roll home 9 miles on the rim as I blew my tire out, it was freezing, and i couldn't open my hands once i got in, it was like I had a Sloth claw for hands.

Other than that training is good, although last night i felt weak. But one bad session out of 12 can't be bad, steady progress and big gains every week. I'm becoming addicted to deadlifts! ha ha.

XC night rides have been fun, whether it be solo or with the ever efficient german, or the incredible bulk that is Warren, they are fun, and I have begun to love my XC machine. I wanna get involved with some HC XC IN THE WC with paddy and coops soon though, they sound pretty hectic!

So, in other news the Republicans are out, I'm happy with that. Now i'm fully aware that it was always Bush's entourage making decisions for him and he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, but he did offer us endless entertainment, i'm glad he's out though. Now Obama offers something different, when that guy speaks he carries himself better than any politician i've seen or heard, he captures the audience and reels them in, and you can't help but admire his eloquence and passion. I always enjoy a good political debate and some of the recent ones i've seen with Obama have been real engrossing. He's a true leader and even though i'm sick of hearing the word change, i'm sure a change is coming and for the better for sure. Big up Obama! I shouted that once at a folk gig. It went down a treat.

It's funny how people around the world take greater interest in American politics over their own countries. British politics pales in comparison, but I suppose whatever happens in the US of A affects us all. Old Gordie needs a little time in charisma school.

The midlands talent team sessions are underway, i did the first session at Derby last Saturday, it went well and i'm excited for the future sessions. We do have some skill in the Midlands, and although there is a lot of back biting and miscommunication at times i'm hoping that i can work with some of the other coaches in the region and bring on this skill and put the Midlands back on the map!

A final big up to Rich TM at UrbanAir HQ.. Or should I say UrbanAir/Fox?!

Hell yeah, he managed to get us a factory hook up! Look out for big pimping urbanairsters at a national near you! Holla!

Damn, i need some pictures to glam this bitch up!