Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Promises, Promises...

Empty promises of regular updates go unfilled yet again. Not a lot has happened, yet a lot has. A great weekend just gone involving a sweet dinner party up at Wills Crib, you did good bro, that lamb was off the chain! We then headed to the movies to see a film called Taken, with Liam Neeson, who plays a total bad ass not to be messed with. Edge of the seat stuff - Fo Sho!

I headed to EIS Saturday morning and assisted Jeremy Hayes at a Talent Team camp, I only did 1 day, as they were heading to Wales on Sunday for 2 days of XC, which i'd have loved to have been on, but work, work, work! Pah! But they had the new British Cycling Watt bikes which i got to have a go on. I'd love to have my own one!

Anyway, we got some good kids on the programme, and with the right backing, and the right attitude they'll sure go far. Jez and Dylan Clayton will see to that!

After that i headed straight to Sheffield arena to watch the Supercross, what a night out! A mad atmosphere and all my buddies in the place. The dash for cash was the most entertaining bit, one lap, no crap, moves were busted in desperation to win a bucket load of cash, very entertaining. Sheffield hero Ryan Mason entered just about every class to obtain more track time, and more shots at a title, he rode good to bring in a podium finish to much cheering from the crowd. Ryan Mason, the peoples favourite! The guy who actually won must've been bummed he didn't get half the reception!

On Sunday I got up early prepped the bike and had a quick 2 hour blast with Big W, we did a fun loop and got absolutely caked in crap, but it was great fun. Short and sweet. A little later on his wonderful wife Hannah cooked up a Sunday Roast and it was a treat! Good times. I bought 2 new fiddy-9-fiddies and we shot some hoops.

The cold has really set in, and I got seriously cold kidneys on the night road ride last night, but again, had a lot of fun. Hitting the deadlifts tonight at Chateau Harper. Feeling good right now, all the bruising has gone from my Preston slam, and I can just focus on the weeks of hard work ahead.

Missing the long summer nights already, the warm air, Bolehills evening sessions, the deep red skies that were too few and far between, but hell, I miss them anyway.

Stay positive, and holla at me!


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