Friday, 24 October 2008

Rest Ice Compression Elevation. And Peas.

Well, well, the end of October, the end of another month, literally 2 months until Christmas. Where has this year gone? It's been liquidised into national racing, living between pay cheques, weddings, stag dos, holidays, travelling the globe in search of the BMX dream, riding the push bikes, personal dilemmas that have seen it all whoosh by in what seems like a matter of minutes.

But its been (nearly) all good so far. I can't really complain, I still have a house, a job, my bike, my friends, which in the "current climate" (overcast and cold?) is pretty good going I think.

Derby went well, even if the gale force side wind did try and break us down. Many left early, weakened by a bit of harsh weather, the beard kept me warm though, so i stuck it out to the end. Hell, i even watched the trophy presentaion, knowing full well i wasn't to recieve one for 6th place. That's just the kinda guy I am.

Anyway Derby did an amazing job, it was like a mini-national, on a maxi-national track. The wind didn't help what is already the toughest track out there, and i was poooped by the end of it. But I rode alright (until my final - pattern eh?!) I managed 3 3rd place finishes in motos and 3rd in the semi also. In the main I snapped, wobbled and rolled round, then attached the 3rd straight and pulled a couple of positions to finish 6th. Out of 25 riders, a few pro dudes and a bunch of fast yoots it was okay by me.

To be honest i'm glad its over, i'm sure in a few weeks time i'll be longing to race again, but right now, i'm thankful for a little break, some XC, some road bike, gym work and some time at the weekends to myself.

Sheffield Supercross this weekend which i'm pysched on, and hopefully a little rave up Saturday night. Fingers crossed.

Be easy, and I promise to be a little more regular.

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