Sunday, 12 October 2008

Taking one for the team.

Well, not quite, more like taking one for me, and another one too, just to make sure i really nailed myself up. Dang. It was a good weekend in Preston, regardless of slamming pretty hard twice today. I finished national number 7 again, hell, at least i'm consistent, i may even grab another picture of Bubba Stewart off the interwebs scrubbing it with his 7 digit up front. If it works for Bad Bubba, it works for me. But i'd have been far happier with 6. Oh well, i guess i fooked the math up on that one.

We did 2 motos yesterday I won the first and got a 4th in the other, so a good ride, nailed the 2nd straight and got it out of my system, its much easier (and safer) to jump it all, oh and it feels pretty good too.

Saturday night I hung with the Derby massive and we grabbed some food and settled for an early night. Sunday I woke up and felt pretty groggy, the week long cold, a couple of late nights in the week and the night XC rides caught up with me. The Ibis Hotel supplied a good breakfast and after a good warm up and a few gates i felt much better. I had lane 1 in moto 3 and managed to pull a good gate out, I felt quite strong but everyone was dying for that inside line, and something had to give, sadly it was me, i hit the face of the jump super hard and instantly felt horrible pain in my elbow, fearing the worst some man scream may have been omitted. Along with the beard i may have resembled some sort of ice age man monkey creature. Sorry. Thanks for the well wishes I recieved from many, it perked me up a little bit!

It was quite obvious I wasn't going to be in peak shape for the semi, I took gate 6 and got a good gate, but my second pedal was non-existent. Like someone had me on an elastic band, then poked me in my elbow wound for good measure. So I was at the back, i rode a good lap boosting everything and having some fun but out to the B.

In the B final i was feeling pretty flat still, so i took gate 8 to keep out of the way, i got a flyer of a gate and my arm didn't feel too bad either, i went the pro-section line on the 2nd straight, everyone else took the inside, i railed the 2nd turn only to meet the back wheel of a sloth on a bike and stop me in my tracks and over my bars, kissing the tarmac. Fuming. Last in the B main. Not my weekend.

I asked Mal G for some painkillers, and he said he only had 2, one at the end of each of his wrist, pow pow. Genius on occasion.

Mercy, it's over. I need to heal this week so not sure if the training/XC thing will happen I need to nurse my wound and my hip back into shape before Derby next week, which is something i'm really looking forward too.

Preston Club, you did great, well done. See you next time!

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