Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Family Forever

Sat here tonight, exhausted after my first cross country night ride, hella lot of fun! I got some decent lights pretty cheap earlier today and was keen to test them, so a nice ride with the German, The German loving OC, and the not so German, Paddy. Was a lot of fun, lights performed well above expectations and i'm psyched to do more. The lights will obviosuly be good on the road bike too, so plenty of night-time activities on the cards this winter. What a treat!

Things have been good recently, training has been solid, i've had some exciting sessions on the bike, trying new things and roosting some corners, which feels just perfect. Spending time with my friends and having the pleasure of my Mum and Dad visiting me this weekend past, too.

I love spending time with the folks, and we had some food, drinks, a walk into the Peak district, a good laugh and catch up, and I enjoyed every minute of it. After they left to head back to London, (boy were they reluctant!) i hit the Bolehills and had a fun blast, the Goldcoast crew rocked up and the banter was flying about, it was such a perfect afternoon.

Weekends just aren't long enough though.

The final national is this weekend at Preston and i'm kinda glad the season is drawing to an end, i'm looking fiorward to having some sessions on the road bike, the new XC bike, shredding in the woods and just keeping it as horizontal as possible at all times. Currently sat in 6th i reckon i'm safe there too, so a 6th place finish again for me, sheeeet, least i got the consistent thing going on!

Training with Big W has been awesome, getting some good gains in the weight we're pushing, I managed 105kgs on the squats for 8, so i was super stoked at that. Only into week 5 of the programme too. Last year my PB was 117.5 so i'm hoping to smash that come the New Year, definitely feel more motivated right now. More so than ever.

Heading to the bike show tomorrow with the Urbanair TM and Jim, should be a blast, we got trade entry so i'm gonna try and hustle.

Hustling-hustling, hussa husa-lin! You know the drill.

Love to my family, immediate, extended, and my brothers that know, you ain't gotta be blood to be family. Be-lee that.

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