Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Snapshot


Hope things are good with ya'll, life has been good to me recently, I can't complain at all. The last week i've ridden my BMX a bunch, hung out with my friends, hit PB after PB in the home gym with my Life Coach Warren, and done some pretty awesome stuff involving fast cars and motocross. It's been a hella lot of fun!

The home gym is great, we'll be getting into week 4 tonight and i'm feeling pretty good after giving my legs a good rest this weekend, I cannot stress how much better it is to train in the home gym rather than a commercial one, i'm psyched on it. Warren and I have been pushing eachother and we've had new personal bests on dead lifts already, along with the bench and the bent over row. Not to be outdone by each other we raise the stakes and are going big, and to be honest surprising ourselves a bit.

This weekend we went over to the motocross des nations and it was a hectic weekend of pure Moto. Getting to see Bubba stewart, RV, Phillapoets, Chad Reed, Pourcel and loads of other awesome guys doing battle was immense.

Before we headed down to Donington Park, Warren had to do a quick video shoot at JBS Custom Code car modifications, their showcase piece is a mark 4 R32 which can make something absurd like 800 break. With it being super dry Andy who owns it was giving it the beans, and it was flipping scary! We did a couple of bypass roads which weren't too busy and Warren followed in a soft top TT filming the R32 (which i was in), i've never been in anything so fast! We swapped over so Warren could get some clock shots and Andy took the thing up to 180mph - it came past the TT which was doing 120 like it was stood still, unreal! I'm looking forward to seeing the video that Big W is putting together, its an absolute monster and is a great showcase of what the guys down at JBS can do.

After that bit of excitment we went to Motocross Des nations and hooked up with Mason and Cooper, Wadey was in the joint along with some of the Sheffield shredders, lots of mashed up 15 year olds, old dudes drinking too much vodka and using petrol strimmers on eachother (?!) Kkkkhhhrazzzzy, and 40000 others.

The racing was amazing, if the viewing was a little restricted, but the track is huge and it'd be difficult to be able to accomodate 40000 people and everyone be able to see the entire track. I guess thats why arena SuperX racing works so well. I had an awesome time, spent very little and got to see some awesome riders. Bubba is worth the hype, he was by far the fastest cat out there all weekend, it was just his bike stalling after he stuffed up going into a corner and then not being able to start it that put him a lap behind Pourcel in the 3rd moto. Pourcel was all over Bubba leading for a few laps and keeping the no.1 rider honest for at least half the moto. USA won it overall with France in 2, Belguim in 3 and UK in 4 i think. The UK guys were pretty on it!

The weather has turned to shit again, and with the nights drawing in earlier, bike time will be a struggle. So gym sessions and rest I think this week. Along with growing my beard and playing my guitar, which i absolutely love.

Music tips - Gaslight Anthem, The Draft, Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry. Try it, you might like it!

Ciao ciao bambinos x x


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