Friday, 23 January 2009


Time is flying by so quickly, I have 3 more weekends in the UK then I'm off. It's quite a daunting prospect.. I was successful at obtaining my Visa last Friday, it wasn't a bad experience at all, a few questions here and there, a little bit about your past, and reasons why you want to travel to the US. I suppose they just want to make sure you aren't some pyschopathic axe wielding maniac hellbent on destroying Western civilisation, or pillaging its townships..

None of which I'm interested in, obviously. Maybe i'll reconsider in a year or 2.

But anyway, it's sorted, and like I said it's quite daunting, but terribly exciting. I have decided to take one of my bikes on the plane with me, so that i can have wheels when I land, and get about the city to explore and take in the sights.

I am flying on the 12th of February from Gatwick I think, so that'll give me the remainder of that day, Friday and the weekend before I get down to business in the office on the 16th. Sheeeeeeet.

I kind of have an image of the office like something out of Dallas, I really do hope it is like this, and some eccentric, money mad, womaniser walks around all day in a cowboy hat. That'll pretty make the trip for me, I wonder if anyone wears a holster too?

Still have a few things to do, a medical, arrange the shipping firm to come collect my (few) belongings, set up a US bank account and other litle bits like sort out a party. 6th of February, 51JR 8pm onwards, then onto Plug for some D&B in your face. Dress Code - Hip Hop You Don't Stop.. Get on it. Baggy Slacks and Stacked out gats, and a gold chain that'll make Queen Elizabeth Jelly! I plan on buying in a tonne of Ice, Booze, and limes, creating a large playlist of heavy tunes, and mashing it up a touch. Join me.

NYC Styles upon Styles.

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Hoppy said...

DC, not sure who you are flyign with, but when I moved over I rang them and asked if I could bring 5 suitcases and a bike box. It cost me a little extra, and I had to be there a good 4-5 hours early but it saved a fortune in shipping stuff. I know the rules have changed, but tell them your emmigrating and maybe they'll help out. BA were awesome with my stuff, nothing lost at all.