Monday, 2 February 2009


With incredible friends.

It's been a good week, training has been going well, putting in solid sessions and really quite enjoying testing my mental and physical being. Climbing has been fantastic, and I even conquered my first black route and a problem on the competition wall - so I was stoked! Hit spinning again, much better this time I suppose I knew what to expect and paced myself a bit more, but still absolutely exhausting! To be honest after reading my last post it's a wonder I went back at all, but I totally believe in the no pian no gain mentality!

On Saturday I hit gates at Mansfield (literally), then I headed over to Derby to ride where the Norwich lot were sessioning getting in some pre-national practise.. (ha!) Great to see them all and ride for an hour or so. Even Big Ben Forwood was in the place, looking fast on Princess out of the gate and not feared, he was having it! Joey sessioning backwards due to the wind, and just having a good time. I was pretty tired but I'd had an awesome day, plus that evening AT had filled me in with a deal regarding cheap cocktals at the Forum, a joint i'm mad keen on anyway, so I popped over to Warrens for Salmon and Mash after which OC and AT came over and we headed in together.

I wasn't all that psyched earlier on but Big W and the boys were buzzing and I started to feel like a bit of a mash up coming on! Anyway, we got to the Forum and AT walks round the corner and I follow him, and then this big cheer goes up. At first I looked at AT and said what the.. ? Thinking it was something for him I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I walked down the stairs still unsure what was hapenning, seeing familiar faces, and then I saw Lauren and my family and I knew. Damn guys! It took a lot not to start blubbering, but I was completely blown away.

I don't want to list who was there, as i'll no doubt forget someone in the haze, or sound like some big headed twat as I have so many friends (ha ha) but it was easily one of the best nights i've ever had, to have all my nearest and dearest in one place, was just unreal. And it all came down to Lauren Smith - Party Liason, you are amazing.

I feel truly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me, and i'm going to miss you all like crazy. Coming back home won't be a difficult decision to make.

I can't describe what i'm feeling, and i'm still buzzing and smiling to myself now.

Photos all over the FB, but i'll bang some on here when I get home.. If I had known i'd have taken my camera.. ;)

Final full week in work, it looms ever closer.

Best. Weekend. Ever.


Northern Monkey said...

Mate, gutted to have missed the party of the year. I had a pass for the weekend and everything but Mr Responsible here had to sort an urgent car related matter (long story) and had to jib out. And what do you know, its still not sorted!! Sounds like it was a banger anyway, I will shout you a beer when I see you next...!

fester said...

What a night!

terrygreen88 said...

I feel dirty after reading a Blogspot,But yours is the only one worth reading!

leccyt said...