Thursday, 12 February 2009

I <3 NY

It has been one hell of a week.. A roller coaster of emotions, mad highs and lowest of lows. Saying goodbye to my friends has been so hard, and mentally and physically exhausting. People I spend so much of my time with, and now won’t see for so long. I know a year isn’t a long time and it’ll fly for everyone, especially me, but I hate not seeing my cats for a week.. So a year seems impossible right now!

I’m sat in T5 currently, I refuse to pay for openzone to blog, so I’ll upload this later. I have about an hour and halfs wait until I get on the plane, and I’m shitting myself if I’m honest. My cool, calm exterior is just that, a fa├žade! But deep down, its excitement, I know it is, it just has to be allowed to bubble to the top.

I’m sure once I have my stuff stowed and I go grab a bite to eat in NYC, all my worries will seem a thing of the past, I will build my bike up and head out tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be pretty good, go to Central Park, see the boulders I’ll no doubt be frequenting, go to Chelsea Pier and find where the climbing gym is, head over to Steel City NYC and meet Ken to go through a membership and then pushing some weight, I have so much to do and occupy myself with. It will keep me sane from not thinking too much about my friends and what I’ve left behind.

I’ll be super regular on the updates, with pictures and gossip, drama and excitement (hopefully) or maybe, it’ll be a really dull look into the life of an introvert in Manhattan.. Uptown living, with a downtown beat!
Gotta get my gameface on for the corner boys and the taxi merchants that’ll no doubt be trying to hustle me at JFK looking for a tip.

I’m Ross Kemp, here in New York, looking for a boiiiger, looking for a gang…

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