Monday, 16 February 2009

If you don't make dollars then it don't make sense!

Sheesh.. Tired! It has been a pretty exhausting 4 days in New York so far, but i have done quite a bit, seen a lot, done some shopping, hit some PB's in the gym and gotten out and about and seen some of the sights. A few laps of Central Park, lovely stuff, it's been wonderful weather too, how very, very British of me to slip that one in there..

I hit the rave up, (well rave don't quite cover it) but i had a dance and a G&T although it cost me 10 bucks.. Life ain't cheap here, i reckon i'm going to have to become some oddball recluse that hangs out by the free ads newsstand waiting to get my free fix of free shit. Oh, no ways, there's this band playing for like, free at Union Square, we should totally, like, go! How about i'd rather sit in a pair of PVC trousers filled with ice whilst listening to triple speed swedish deathcore (in fact i think that was what it was..) and stick pins in my eyes. Free ads are shit, and there's a reason why shit is free.

Unauthorized dancing is illegal, that includes a spontaneous boogie in the street, a house party, or a full blown warehouse rave that you didn't get a permit for. Some things have already really surprised me here in NY. It's so different, i'll elaborate another day, as i don;t want to blow all my pearls of wisdom in my first couple of postings.

Had a wonderful skype with Lauren and an iChat with Warren and Hannah, i really enjoyed them both, let's keep them regular My skype is partyboybmx and my iChat is danielclifford44.16 if you wanna get in touch for free (oh, it's free AND it's good!)

Today headed over to Brooklyn, sampled a few local beers and met up with my old friend Dave, he showed me the sights and I immediately fell in love with Williamsburg, cheap (ish), safe, cool bars, shops, music scene and decent tarmac. Plus some of the parks are absolutely beautiful. I think that is where i'll move to after my 2 months here is up, it's only one stop on the J from Manhattan too. Do I sound local? Even a little bit? C'mon!!?

I have taken some pictures, but i haven't got my cable so i'll upload once i receive my goods from US customs, no doubt swabbed, pilfered and pissed on.

It's my first official day tomorrow, and i'm quite nervous, but i'm sure it'll be cool. Just keep my head down, get on with my work, and hope no one asks me anything, otherwise my cover will be blown!