Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Je n'oublierai jamais que vous la France


Just a quick one, life is a'ight, although I did get quite sick over the weekend and had to work sunday (WTF?! Think of the money.. Think of the money..) so not the best start to it all, but we got the issue out and things have calmed down a little now, i'm feeling much better, I even rode my BMX down 7th Ave this morning to work, stopping for coffee and a bagel, all good! It's reet neece out and i'm looking ahead to the weekend.

Holla! To the massive representing in France, completely jealous of where you guys are at, and totally wish I was there tearing it up with you, save me a spot next year.. Even if i'm still here i'll fly out for that bad boy - know this! Nothing but love for my crew and for French BMX, all got it going on!

I aim to take more pictures than a Japanese tourist whilst i'm here and really document my trip, here are a couple.

Bless the IXUS, but I think i'm going to treat myself to a G10 once I get paid and know where i'm at financially.

Once something exciting goes down, i'll write something epic. Perhaps.

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