Monday, 30 March 2009

It's a Roadblock Bruv!!

Been listening to a LOT of drum and bass recently and I cannot get enough! I'm loving it, Drum and Bass Arena podcasts, Rinse FM podcasts, Drum and Bass awards mix CDs, there's like 10 hours of stuff on there with the heaviest drops and MCing, its livid!

Anyway, go check them out if you got a thing for a little bass in the face!

Life is good here, work has been mad busy but I found out today I have been paying social security and medicare, which, as I'm still a tax legible UK resident i'm exempt from, so i'm due back about $1000 which will be an incredible help! I've already spent it on a new bed and a sofa though for my new place! Hell yeah I got a place! A nice little shoe box on 92nd West and Broadway. So it's the Upper West Side, which means I can officially throw gang signs in public and not get merked/slewed/opened up. NYC West Side is the only time it's okay to say you're from the West. West Coast Hip Hop?! Pffft. West London - Pfffft! Caifornia?! Pfffffffftt! Or the Mid-West - YIKES!

It's a safe neighbourhood lots of familys, right on the 1 train into downtown, about a 4 mile ride to work either through Central Park or the West side park, close to good markets, my gym, and a bunch of other stuff which will be handy.

Its very small though, but i'll get used to it. I'm thinking of doing what has done in his London pad, raise the bed from the ground and use the underneath to put my bikes and bits, that'll save a ton of space. I'll just have to try not have energetic falling dreams and toss myself over the edge.. Warren, we're not taking a helicopter over any Canyons.. Ok?!

My friend V visited this past weekend so i was a tourist, it was okay, it was lovely to see her and hang out, but the tourist bits are boring. And the boat to Liberty island was full of Germans and fat Americans from the mid-west, eating nachos. It killed me.

Yet to find any good places to dance, they love house here, and I can't stand that shit. Here's a true life example, if you're a DJ from say, Berlin or something, you are all set in NYC, people will pay $30 to come see you, if you advertise your vibe as something completely vague like translucent, atmospheric, eclectic dinner plate house. It means nothing, but the NYers will be all over it like hair on soap in their chinos and $10 bottles of heinekien. Its not even 4% you mugs!

As you can see i'm fully integrated.

Spring is on the way, beautiful morning and lush evenings already, i cannot wait for summer here. It will be very different. I'm going to miss riding up to Bolehills and having a few hours after a day at work, but i'll be back, and she'll still be there, gnarlier than ever and waiting patiently for me. I have to learn to be patient for her too. Pass on my love..

UK national scene is kicking off shortly too, not actally that bummed on missing it, the last few years have been a bit shit, hopefully by the time I get back there will be more variation of tracks used, a banging sound system and some bad ass external sponsorship deal is picked up. That way guys like Dialled Bikes Mike can make a few more quid themselves rather than supporting a scene that is generally quite thankless. Any-who...

Don't be a stranger.

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john said...

mint update, the UK is missing you, crewe will be a awesome place to ride when you get back.