Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Third Mind...

It has been a tough weekend - sheesh - It is only Sunday morning though and I have just wasted an hour of my life on Virtual DJ - I have totally become addicted to it, its incredible, i reckon I could totally hold down a set.. I would need my MC on the Mic W-Bomb spittin' fire whilst D-Stroy dropped bombs, where you at Brother? And Shaquatasha would totally need to be up front hollering for the mandem! Ha!

New York living is going okay, i feel fully integrated as I managed both a run in with the law, and a limo yesterday. I decided it would be a fantastic idea to strap my belongings to my back and ride the 70 blocks uptown to my new apartment, yesterday i made the trip twice taking the majority of my stuff, but I was delusional thinking it was a good idea, even more so after I had already endured one trip! The pack up weighed about 60kgs both times and my poor road bike got a hammering. On trip 2 just as I was turning up towards Columbus Circle and Central Park a limo turned beside me, completely unaware that I was there. It looked to be a young girls birthday party, and there were heads out the sun roofs and all the windows, having the time of their lives. Queue me, looking like I have a house on my back and riding alongside, I just thought he's going to have seen me (you couldn't miss me) and he'd give me space, but he didn't, not nearly enough, as we were turning he was getting closer and so was the NYPD truck, i managed to plough arm first into the NYPD truck and stop dead, tucking myself in to avoid further crushing, the girls screamed with terror as I screamed in pain, and then the driver floored it, I managed to get on and move to the side of the road, but not without raising a few peculiar looks.

I hate limos, and I'm sorry to those poor girls whose birthday party i totally ruined! Ha ha!

Anyway, I got load 2 dropped off and I feel absolutely exhausted still. It was never a good idea, and I'll never do it again.

I was cultured this weekend as well - Yeah - That just happened! I visitied the Guggenheim galleries, where DJ Sabo blended eclectic world beats seamlessly to art, chinos and boat shoes, he didn't really, the acoustics would be amazing for say, classical music, or drowning cats, but Sabo was playing droned out house music, that sounded the same as every New York club on a friday night.. Still I had a very good night regardless of drama, and awful music! And I felt slightly more cultured to boot...

Today I'm not sure what's going down, I want to ride as its super nice out, but i'm not sure my body is up to it, I have about a week left in this joint before I get kicked out, but I haven't much stuff left to shift, so I might take a day off that. And stick pins in my eyes instead.

This week has been tough for many reasons, and it all mounted up on me. Things didn't really go my way from the start, phew, I am a drag! I'm going to shut up now.

Would give my left arm (the one thats bruised and battered, not my good one) to have a ride of Bolehills right now, I can imagine shes running sweet at the moment, I hope you bastards enjoy it! ;)

Happy Birthday to my UK mandem AT and W-bomb who both turned 33 last week, to celebrate they both did a 100kg bench press for one, had a protein shake and then downed a bottle of California Rose. Sounds like my kind of evening!


leccyt said...

Dammit DC I'm getting emotional. I've had a pint (or three) of guiness and a pie and now I'm listening to Dallas. Get on skype I'm missing you, GOT to sort my visa first thing tomorrow... sheesh

Northern Monkey said...

Hey mate...70 blocks!!!! Are you mad? Keep the updates coming, I'm checking in regular!!

Doug said...
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fester said...

Dan - what about the 2 trips rule?!

If you can't do it in a 1er, then at least do it in 3. Never 2! Thought you knew that.... ;-)

Anyway, very pleased to read that you survived the debacle. x

I LOVE YOU said...