Thursday, 16 April 2009

Double frapacino with sweet and low, half and half, easy on the froth..

I’m writing this from my internet-less apartment, ready to upload onto the mainframe shortly when I go for coffee at a starbucks and pretend I’m composing an important paper on my thoughts on the current economic situation or perhaps discovering a cure for cancer, or even developing a strategy for diminishing the epidemic of third world famine..
Or, I’ll just be like everyone else in there and be checking my facebook and looking at LOLcats.. I can do it with such intensity though that I could fool all them suckers!

I hate starbucks. But if putting myself through sharing a room filled with cravats and non-prescription wearing glasses for free interwebs, then I’ll endure it. I don’t NEED glasses, but don’t I look intellectual?

This weekend has been a funny one, I have taken to being a bit of a loner for it. For example, I went to my favourite Chinese restaurant where the guy had previously spoken to me like his long lost Brother, he said he saw me a week ago in the street as he remembered my scar, I was like no way!! And we embraced in a way only Brothers rejoined after years apart could. He was awesome, and so was the food, this time around though, he didn’t remember me at all, it was all a charade to lure me back to his restaurant, to be fair, the food is so good he didn’t need to bullshit me! I felt s cheap. Anyway, the food was top notch again and I sat there reading my copy of the New York Times and tried my best not to look too weird, too lonely or too desperate for someone, ANYONE to come and talk to me. Ha!

I retired back to my Chelsea apartment, it was the final night and it was a great sleep, it had been an exhausting week of great late nights, intense work, and big old PB’s in the gym. Psyche!

Saturday morning the weather was super terrible so I made the most of it and took a much needed lay in. I then moved the rest of my stuff to the UWS, throwing gang signs from the back seat of my over-filled taxi to all the corner boys on the way trough, I’m so in there, I fit right in – Blood!

I spent the day making the apartment mine, prioritising things like getting the wonderful painting that Hannah and Warren gave to me before I left, and getting my prints into frames and getting them hung.. That done, I unpacked, cleaned, made the bed up, put my stuff in places I’ll never remember and will have lost forever and went for some lunch at H&H. That place is freakin’ awesome!

Saturday night I donned my best sneaks and my hip-hop attire to go to Webster Hall to see one of my favorite MC’s of all time – Mr. Lif of Definitive Jux Records, he did not disappoint, but the support acts did, HipHop is kinda dead in the water, it’s the same old shit, but Lif is incredible. His poetry is deep, meaningful and super charged, he is politically driven, always speaks a great message, and his DJ Sunny James is an absolute monster on the 1’s and 2’s!

Proper good night, made some awkward chit chat with a few people, and spoke to a group of dudes from Brooklyn who were pretty interesting, they filled me in on some hot spots I should get to, so I’ll definitely be following that up. I had a storming evening, Lif was hot and the crowd was making gun noises and throwing shapes, so I obviosuly fitted in.

I got to bed about 1am, and my alarm went off at 4:30am for me to get to Central Park for my first ever road race. Sheeeeet. It was a pretty good turnout I think, I raced category 5, which is like amateur I guess. Have no idea what I was doing of course and powered my way to the front and held the race for 2 laps thinking this was easy.. HA! On Lap 3 a few attacks came and I managed to keep with it clawing my way back through, but on the final climb, about 1 mile from the finish a big attack came and I was shot to bits, my legs blew up and much of the pack blew past me, I finished 20th out of just over 50 riders, but I thought I had it in the bag, I know I expended too much energy and next time I’ll stick in the pack a bit more and save my legs the effort. Or just buy an altitude chamber to sleep in for the next month and smoke them suckers next time around!
Afterwards Henoch, who I rode with in the State Park that time turned up – he overslept along with the other teammate John.. Not together of course, that’d be weird, and they’re both married, so get off my back! They were riding to Nyack, a ride I had done before but it was flipping cold, I had no gloves and I did feel spent, but to hell with it. I rode with those guys and hung in there, doing 55 miles at a good pace, and now I feel absolutely shot to bits.

Derby national was this weekend, and it sounded like it went super well and event organiser Lauren Smith took the win on Day 2 – Go you! Very happy they pulled it off, the weather held and Derby has been put back on the map! Such an awesome track! Can’t wait to see the videos and see what I missed.

Anyway, this has been long enough, it has been a long weekend and I’m feeling pretty non-psyched for work this week. Sheesh.

Love to the Hood, my brothers from other mothers and anyone that may stumble upon this from googling starbucks.