Sunday, 19 April 2009

Air-con Schmer-con!

Phew – What a mission!

Apparently it gets super hot in NYC in the Summer, and you know me and heat, like an animal of the Savannah I can handle searing temperatures and take it in my stride.. So, after much deliberation, I decided to take one of my air conditioning units from my apartment and smash the shit out of it..

Not really, I just stored in my cupboard aptly named “A cupboard full of Franks weird shit”.. In there are lamps, alarm clocks, old suitcases, pillows, text books on autism (fascinating reading) air conditioning units, VCR’s (Yes.. PLURAL! Who even used VCRs these days?!) and other junk that I don’t need to be seeing in the 21st Century.

So the air conditioning unit is actually a heavy piece of kit, heavier than I thought, so I thought it was totally incredible it was held in place purely under its own weight AND gaffer tape. That stuff is good for anything, right?!

I couldn’t believe it. I was cooking a delicious dish one evening and thought hell, I’ll just open up this window and catch a cool breeze, flip! I opened the window and if not for my cat like reactions an air conditioning unit would have been falling 4 floors on top on the Upper west Side Corner boys beneath my window selling rock. Damn!

So yesterday I took precautions and removed the unit carefully, the window was propped and I began the extraction, carefully removing the structurally sound tape and then bringing the unit inside safely.. But not before the damn window fell down and crushed my wrist against the air conditioning unit – Cue screams of pain.. (There is a pattern forming here..) and then the struggle of holding an air conditioning unit in place, opening a window, and swearing blindly.. All single handedly.


75 Fahrenheit yesterday and it was absolutely wondrous, rode the BMX busted some skids and power wheelies, topped the tan up, watched the Rangers beat the Capitals again, tossed a football about, watched the world go by, listened to some good music, felt the sun on my skin. Missed my friends a lot today, I missed Bolehills and you.

What is my loss is Spain’s gain.

Had a few beers with Justin and Chris last night this hectic lae that just sells there own beers, they come in half pint glasses, served at room temperature and it was pretty good! Had laugh, sank a few beers, then walked home from downtown, it was such an incredible evening.

Today I got up and rode to Nyack on the road bike, it was fine weather, much better than last week but I didn’t feel that great though, guess I’m a little flat after all the insane partying that’s been going down! Ha. Went shopping for vests (see : tank tops) but that didn’t go to plan either - The WORLD IS AGAINST ME!! ha!

It’s my Birthday next week and it’s going to be a funny one, not having my crew to share it with, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m going to see Alkaline Trio though so that should be a treat!

Over and Out!

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Northern Monkey said...

Top updates mate, you are inspiring me to get back on the blog tip. I think I was a little hasty in pulling the trigger on its demise, thing is I've had loads of good blog about since I dropped it...typical!!