Friday, 24 April 2009

New York Moments.

People have spoken about these before and i've never really had one, i don't think so anyway. However, this morning it was a slap in the face New York moment. Its a funny place, i'm not in the slightest bit a City boy, all these people, all over me, all the time, no space, shitty air, manic, non-stop.. But this morning was perfect.

I managed to get a copy of the new High Contrast Album - Confidential, which is amazing - Get on it. It's a 2CD set, CD1 comprises all his heaviest drops, from the early days on High Society all the way through to his latest work on Tough Guys Don't Dance, plus a couple of brand new smash and grabs! CD2 has a ton of his remixes and it is off the chain! I love the Hometown Glory Adele remix, it is on heavy rotation!

7 Note in Black - A roadblock of a tune!

Anyway, this morning is absolutely beautiful so I rode in to work taking a big divert through the park and the Hometown Glory remix dropped as I got turned the corner onto Central Park Drive, it was perfect timing! Wind on my back, no traffic, green lights for the entire trip down 5th Ave in the sunshine, weaving pedestrians, holding on to taxis, amazing.

That was my New York moment. As much as this place I think can grind you down, these occassional moments exist and make it all seem worthwhile. I'll be on the lookout for many more of them.


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