Sunday, 17 May 2009

My apartment is infested with koala bears..

..It's the cutest infestation ever!

I have almost gotten back to normal, i think the week resting i had, a few early nights and skipping my gym sessions has helped me massively.. It is hard for me to stop though, i always feel like I have to push myself and go big, or work until i fail, and when i don't I have these notions of guilt, Which is ridiculous, but it's the way I am.. I am going back to the gym tomorrow morning but i'm just going to take it slow and steady, build up at a pace that I am comfortable with and if I begin to feel weird i'll stop and take another few days.. But I think i'm back in the game!

I took a light ride out to Nyack yesterday and it was beautiful, I was just going to stay local but it was a nice day and the park would have been torturous.. So i took the River Road and pretty much had it all to myself, there had been another rock slide so it was closed to traffic, but there were there incredible birds, i've never seen anything like it, they moved through the air like sealions in the ocean, a few flaps, then they'd bob through the air with their wings all tucked in like little rockets, i saw them ahead of me and laughed, then a little later on i had about 7-8 of them all around me, like a school of dolphins, it made my day up to that point! I still don't know what they were.. But one thing is for certain they weren't ducks!

Afterwards I went to the Met Museum with Kate and took in some culture, and then a drink on the rooftop bar, overlooking Central Park, it was awesome up there, especially as we'd been forecast shitty weather, but it came through.. Apparently we did have super rough weather in the morning but i was comatosed in bed after my 4am bedtime..

It was DUB:WAR NYC and Appleblim and Scuba went at it, it was freakin' sick, and there were no blown speakers, chinos, boat shoes, or white shirts in the place! It was a big throwdown and I got pretty mashed up to the 2 step, i had a lot of fun, i'm psyched for the next one! So i slept through until about 10:30 and missed all the rain - Touch!

Tonight i'm going here it looks pretty awesome, described as visually genius (does that even make sense?) by the man that bought the Miss California Beauty Queen to her knees, not in that way.. My UK crew won't get that as its bullshit news that no one cares about, but every morning.. EVERY morning she is on the news again defending herself, she basically said she wasn't in to gay marriage and that's that, she had an opinion and has been vilified for it.. But what makes me laugh is, really, who cares? She is a nobody. But I guess it sells papers and pads out the morning news.. I love the news anchors though, impeccable tans, white teeth, crisp shirts and 5 tubs of hair gel to get that quiff to stand on end.

I feel i'm losing touch with international affairs here, if it doesn't happen in the US, did it happen?

So i'm feeling better, and feeling very happy right now.

Love to he massive!!

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