Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tres Bien - Innit.

I started this on Sunday.. Then lost interest!

I’m on my home from such and amazing weekend, I have no wireless on the bus. The Greyhound people lied to me. Similarly to how we once bought a greyhound, and it actually turned out to be a lurcher. I have lost all faith in the breed and everything that is attached to it.

Lurchers are better anyway, and so is the Adirondack Trailways bus. But regardless of that i’m on my way back to NYC with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

I spent 3 days in Montreal visiting my good friend Virginie, she visited me in NYC a few months ago, and I have been meaning to get to her and see how she does in Canada, and I fell in love with the place. I imagine it is brutal in the winter, and life would be much tougher than the Summertime. But there is so much going on, and so much to do in the summer months, festivals atop of festivals, films, music.. So much music and amazing culture. I had nowhere near enough time there. And i will definitely be going back.

But not on the bus.

I managed to see a lot of Montreal, if somewhat briefly, but I think I got a good taste of it, the people, the attitude to life, how laid back everything is, the atmosphere is light and refreshing, so clean and friendly,

V had to work on friday (boo) so i took my unlimited metrocard and went exploring up and down Rue St. Catherine, Rue. St. Denis, the Latin quarter, Downtown, the old port, the biosphere thing which is a right treat on the old vision sticks. Monster.

So many independent shops, bars, great places to eat, i felt like i needed 6 months there to really get into it. Plus bear Ladies, all over the place, the ratio is crazy.

Friday night V and I went for Polish food which was lovely, a young dude was killing the piano in there to entertain us, he was dropping daft punk tunes like I have never heard them before I had to ask him to drop some more, he could literally play anything you asked him. I could have sat there all night, some old dear was, she was in love with his piano-y fingers. Long-ish.

After that we walked around the old port, the streets are cobbled, lit as if we were in some quaint French village, I was just taking it all in. We headed back to V’s place and chilled for a bit watching a movie and chatting. But I feel asleep, typically.

We got up early Saturday, morning it was a beautiful day, we went for a massive breakfast then a bit of an explore, V has been there 6 months or so, and she leaves in a couple of weeks to travel, and she is not sure whether or not she will return to Montreal, but has some options open in Toronto. Another place i’d love to see.. She’ll never shake me off now!

We then met up with some of V’s friends and headed to a pool party on the West Island of Montreal. I was psyched as I was told Miss Montreal would be there. Another lie, she was at a party some other place, My sequined speedos went to a complete waste. But there was a sweet pool, an amazing BBQ, good music, and a ton of new people to meet. It was lush, and swimming in the heated pool with everyone, watching some fireworks going off in the distance, actually seeing stars in the night sky, sitting round the fire pit eating food and talking until the very early morning was such a treat, and a wonderful experience i’ll not forget.

On Sunday we got up and had a late brunch, and checked out Mont Royal, where they have this thing called a Tam Tam, basically, all the local mentalists come together with their drums and their face paint, and bang them in a completely random style, there are people drinking booze, fire eating, playing kickball and generally just being mental French people, its all about spontaneity. I really liked it, we walked further into town, and there was legal graffiti going on, music and break dancing, it was actually popping off, old people doing the worm, some even older people watching graffiti art going up and looking appreciatively at it. It was a sight to behold.

I am going to have French classes and come here and get it locked again. It was awesome.

I hate that I still don’t have a camera. Eurgh.

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