Tuesday, 11 August 2009

You must, you must, you must!

Listen to this..

Blue Roses - I am leaving

I know there are only 3 readers, but heck, if the 3 of you tell 3 of your friends and so forth and so forth about this uplifting, beautiful, addictively wonderful song.. Then the world just may be a better place by the end of the week.

Often I find things I fall for, i'm just like that, people, places, music, experiences, and they are all character moulding, music is so important to me. I haven't paid my cable bill, but i still get a phone line and internet, i never watch tele anyway, so screw Time Warner cable, I'm on the rinse!

As long as I can find new music, and spend my domesticated evenings listening to beauties like this in the background, i'm a happy man.

Tele is a load of wank anyway, especially here. The Daily Show is all I care for.

3 posts in one day, one for each of my readers. GUFFAW!

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