Monday, 17 August 2009

Man Alive!

Wicked weekend, amazing weather, smiles, BMX, big tunes, folk music, cold beers, dusty trails, waterpolo, it was a treat!

Friday night I went to the financial district with a couple of people from work and I hung there for 1 beer. I dO not like it down there, full of pretention. One of the girls said I was too cool for school for not hanging around with them, but the ironic thing is, I know i'm not cool enough to be there and drinking in those over priced hell holes. I read an interesting article recently that stated in times of economic downturn the number of buff barmaids increases, the amount of cleavage on show is multiplied dramatically and the number of men leaching over the bar therefore increases also, throwing money at that Piece who will never give them anything other than a semi and perhaps a drink every now and then.

Judging by the amount of this going on in this one particular bar, the financial crisis is yet again spiralling out of control, and another collapse is imminent.

Hated it.

So I left and joined up with my buddies J-Rod, Eric, Lisa, Cass, Adam and Rob, there was a rave in Chinatown that sounded legitimate. So we had a few drinks in Cass's apartment, played out some big tunes, and got merry. Lisa fell over, smashed! I put her in a taxi and she went home, ha ha. Funny!

The rest of us, donned our whistles and leg warmers and hit the rave. It was big, I had a lot of fun, the vibe was electro, house, a bit of techno, a really good mix, and I was feeling it! There was a couple taking these awesome long exposure shots, I can't wait to see them, on the small screen on the back of the photobox, they looked wicked, we all laughed hard, it smelt overly of methane, and it was actually on the 2nd floor of a Chinese mall, with all the shops around us shuttered up - Bizarre.

The Crew rolling HEAVY!

Me and Ads, shutting the place down!

Saturday I hit the trails and met 2 awesome people Chrisine and Charly, they were so cool, we hung out and rode all day long. charly is from Barcelona and here visiting christine who is Korean and has lived here for 20 years or so, they were both lovely, and it was cool to ride and hang with them. They even took some pictures of the session, and gave me a lift back to the city which was a right touch. Charly is here for a couple more months so it'll be cool to have someone else to ride with.

The main line.

The pump track, this thing is LIGHTHENING fast.

Saturday night I took it easy, I rode the fixie down to meet up with Lisa at union square and take her beagle for a walk, I quite like Beagles.

It was chill, I headed home after a bit and the ride along the water was beautiful.

Sunday was supposed to be a race in Connecticutt, but my friend Giorgio who was driving us had some car trouble so it never happened - gutted. Instead I just rode my bianchi around, enjoyed the sunshine, chilled in the park watching the world go by and then sank some chai ice tea. Bo!

In the evening I played waterpolo and we smashed it 7 - 4, we are top of the leauge now and we play for a $200 bar tab next week - we'll be killing it!

After that I ran to see Austin Lucas and Jon Snodgrass with Lisa. It was beautiful, I love Austin's voice. He grew up singing opera, then sang in some hectic swedish death metal band for a few years, now he is on the folk tip, and I love it. The song I linked is one of my favourites and he belted it out. Awesome.

All in all I had a wicked weekend, Sheffield hosted a regional, and I would have loved to have been shredding that one, or spending time on the lake with Big W or chilling with a brew-ski with AT - good to have you back on land Bruv! Sounds like the UK is popping off. Smiles for miles.

BMX = Smiles

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