Wednesday, 19 August 2009

One like the comix!

RB.Com pointed me in the direction of this website today. And i have been laughing ever since. This is my favourite!

Absolute genius. I broke out in a sweat laughing at it.

Anyway, talking of sweating hot yoga last night was intense. It was already about 100 degrees outside, and they take the room up to about 120 and you do an hour of yoga, it is hectic. Proper. But i'm one of 5 guys in a room full of hot sweaty girls, its amazing I must say, plus I do feel awesome afterwards. Loose as a goose.

I rode home in my (who wears) short shorts and it felt so cool outside in comparison to the room, the park was still busy at 10pm and it felt good to be cruising through, such a lovely evening.

Off to catch a movie tonight, and then this coming friday Original Sin is shutting down Brooklyn with some jump up drum and bass madness - I am so psyched!

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