Tuesday, 8 September 2009

All kinds of shit!

It's been a while, i have been like some sort of official tour guide to the UK contingency visiting NYC, it's been good though, I've had a big time. Lordamercy!

Just quickly, I once said when i got married i'd walk down the aisle to this tune.. But recently i have changed my mind, and now it's all about this. It's a big look. If i could just settle, eh?!

So first the Youngster comes through NYC mad deep shit being journalled in his moleskin, and his blog makes for a really good read, peep it, i think a lot of what he says sums up a lot of the reasons i feel this place so much. I loved how he saw and appreciated things i maybe once did, but I had let slip my appreciation, but reading Andy's blog bought me back a bit, this is an amazing place and I feel very lucky to be here and experiencing it. Thanks Andy for waking me up! Pleasure having you here bro and thanks for introducing me into the world of Lomography - Big vibe.

Andy left and then the Smithster rolled through, I picked her up in the Mazda 3, zoom zoom, done know. We chilled, caught up, ate out lots, smashed the trails in Queens, swam in Central Park pool, raved a bit, done some Pimms in, laughed, and it was wicked having you here. A couple days after Lauren arrived my sister Lauren and her fella Dave rocked up in NYC, 4 of us in my shoebox. Toight.

But a lot of fun, Lauren and Dave did a load of touristy stuff- PAH! we brunched, raved at Electric Zoo in the sun on the Saturday - Big flavour, swam, drank, dined in style, was such an awesome week off work, and made me realise I miss my family a lot.



Youngster, me and Lis, jazzing out at cafe wah!

Central Park - Lush

Electric zoo was a big look, i ain't really into techno, or minimal house, or even house if i'm honest, but the vibe was lush, big line up, lot of people having a wicked time, great weather and just pure feel good.

On the way back in Manhattan we were strolling between Amsterdam and Columbus on my block and this black dude on a beach cruiser rolls on up beside us. He was like "where ya'll from?" England we reply, he's like "I gotta story for you, 10 years ago, ain't no one could walk this block, when i was living in this apartment block", pointing up above, "John Macanroe used to go to school over the way", pointing over the road, "i used to take my BB gun and shoot that son of a bitch ALL DAY!"

After he narrowly avoided smashing into a tree i asked him what he was listening to on his massive street cans, he was like "ALL KINDS OF SHIT!" he then rode off into the night - Amazing. Big LOL's!

We smashed the city diner again for food, and we were done.

Such a wicked week, everything else has been a bit on the back burner, but now its more bike time, gym time, getting my focus on, bit still rinsing out NYC! I've got a camera, so that should inspire me to be more regular Thanks Mum! x

Feels a bit lonely with everyone gone..

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leccyt said...


It's stories like that that make it all worth it man, miss you like a brother.