Monday, 14 September 2009



Big tings agwarn. Now all of y lovely visitors have left i'm trying to get back onto my routine a little bit. But work has been intense on my return, its not such a bad thing, i'm planning on heading home for Christmas and the overtime money will help me get there. Plus i wouldn't mind a few nice little bits for my bikes.. And some decks. And some monitors. And Scratch live. And the full Mishka back catalouge... Think I might be kidding myself!

after work on Friday I grabbed oysters with a few guys from work, and Cass's mandem Adam came along, who is such a sick dude, we chatted street culture and garms, and I met a couple of their friends who were wonderful. Nancy was mash up and Christian was just plain smooth. All night long. I enjoyed the oysters and the pimms.

I had to work all day Saturday but the weather was weak, so whatever. I rode early took a lush ride in the morning mist, no one was really about it was a treat. I downloaded an absolutely awesome mix that Rusko did for Fenchurch, and it kept me going all day long. Big tunes. Rusko deserves more accolades than he recieves. To a lot of people he is just that guy that collaboed with Caspa on Fabriclive 37, but i prefer his production and his approach to dubstep. Don't get me wrong, i'm a huge Caspa fan, and he has blown up the Dubstep scene, he is also in NYC in 2 weeks, so i'm going to be getting my skank on to some heavy dubplate pressure - You done know!

Music is serious right now in the next month, Have Heart, Mala, Mary Anne Hobbs, Chuck Ragan, Strike Anywhere, Caspa, Tim Barry, Austin Lucas, its absolutely popping off!

Saturday evening I hit coco66 for their monthly dubstep special pressure cooker in Brooklyn, it was big. Some heavy tunes got dropped, some red stripe and just a feel good party vibe. MC Diggadee is my new bezzy mate.

Sunday, the best breakfast in the city to date at Veselka, my god. Amazing. Then hit the gym, smashed myself in a bit then rode my bike in the park in the sunshine. It was a nice day for sure. Next week there is the State Championships race, i'm hoping to reach that. I gave my bike nuff TLC last night and bought some new rubbers, grips and a chain, so it should be running nice. Feeling good on the whip, i just hope she forgives me for not allowing her more track time.

Big things!

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