Thursday, 29 October 2009

Add a little pumpkin spice to yer life!

Hola mi Amigos!

Not had a chance to update until now, things have been ridiculous here, almost 12 hours days this week to move the package from the stash house to da streets. Not been much fun, but the overtime money will be good, I still have a UK credit card that I want to clear and then also saving towards France and South Africa, the dollar is weak, so i have to work double hard to make up the readies. FML.

Last weekend I raced at Shoreham out on exit 70 of the Long Island expressway, so pretty out there, and I was absolutely pumped on the palce, a great track, 7 straights sessions were going down, but not that many riders up in the place. In fact it was me and Giorgio goign head to head for it and another couple of local shreders, but I shut them down. Blatantly. Smashing it to bits, the gate was prefect, not too flat, not too steep, and super grippy. I was actually snapping pretty good for the first time in ages. I think with me, if I feel the track i'll do good, if i think its bullshit, i'll not ride to my potential, i think that was the problem at Woodward.

at Shoreham though, soe big jumps, flowing, tech lines and a track that tested your endurance also. So for me, it couldn't be a better track to race on, and it takes about an hour to get out there. Selected.

Not much else to report, except i'll be home for Christmas, between the 22nd and the 28th of Decemeber, very short and sweet, the the France Roadtrip in Februar with a little styop again in the UK to get down with it with the homies. I can't wait actually. I hope everyone is about and I don't spread myself too thin. The Essex-Sheffield fly by visit.. Bolehills is gonna get smashed up!

Racing again this weekend at Shoreham its a state regional so there should be a fair few riders and the weather is looking NUFF BUFF for it. Its also Halloween so i'm back in the city for the parade and mash up and there is a couple things vibing off, not sure which one to hit. My costume is going to be that of a bean. And then when someone asks what I am, I'll say I'm a human bean.

I thought it was funny. My other idea is to go as Max from Where the Wild Things are. Which is a SICK film based on the endearing book (well, very short story) from long back. I'll have to make that costume though and time is running out.

Also still need to carve my pumpkin and bob for apples. Halloween is a big look over here.

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