Friday, 30 October 2009

Things I Feel, Things I Don't.


The Pariah Remix of the Bombay bicycle Club Tune, Always Like This.

Jay Electronica - Rinse these, the guys blowing up.

Feeling excited about racing and getting on the gate. Been too long.

Major Lazer

Pumpkin and things associated with it, like spice lattes, ice cream, muffins etc.

Minimal, 8-Bit tunes.

Halloween and the build up here in NYC.

Things I don't Feel.

Missing my Friends, missing chattig on skype, I keep failing, and it feels like so long since I have caught up with anyone on the UK side.

My building has bedbugs, and I have to get the Exterminator to visit me. I haven't seen them, but it's gross all the same.

60 hour weeks. Fortunately, few and far between, but not cool.

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