Thursday, 3 December 2009

Earphones at the ready..

Not a great deal going on worth posting up on here, i'm happy, and excited about the coming weeks and the coming months, lots to look forward too, a little more time here in NYC, the project i'm here on has overrun and they need me to see it out, which suits me, things back in Sheffield on the workfront are on the low. So it's best I stay here a while longer, looks like i'm going to have a find a new place to cotch, my lease is up at the end of February, so i have been looking for a month to month lease thing, whether I saty opn the upper west, move downtiown, or out to Brooklyn, its all good, if the deal is right i'll run with it. The France Roadtrip in February and the Worlds in SA in July.

Thanksgiving was a treat, great times with D, some climbing/hiking upstate in Minnewaska, getting back to nature, good food, a little party vibe and just highs, no lows, all good.

So psyched to be heading home at Christmas, I spoke with my Lil sis on the phone today, she makes me laugh so much, cannot wait to see her, my Bro and of course the rents. I wish I could just be home for longer. Holiday allowanace is a par over here though. It's going to be hard to see everyone, but I will see EVERYONE!

As its coming to the end of the year, all my favourite blogs and things are running their top records of the year, so i thought i'd do mine too, its a slow thursday it'll be a nice filler for the afternoon.

Be sure to listen in on the next Benji B shows, sundays 10-1 UK time, such a big show. Other shows that i'm on regular are Giles Peterson Worldwide show, Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental on 1xtra, the in new DJ's and 1xtra DJ's we trust shows with Toddla T, Redlight, Rusko, Magda and Twin B on rotation.

First though, Wretch 32, spitting bars of fire since I can remember laid low a while but recently popped up again on the grime daily, what a treat this was. Ill slow flow material.

Okay so my top 10 tunes of the year, in no particular order, just tunes that I could drop anytime and be in them, regardless.



Never gets old.

Not a sub focus fan, but this tune is AAAAAAARRRRRD!

Good Morning

Roller, big up Skream, he can do no wrong..

It wouldn't be DC.blogspot without Burial

8-bit, lushness.

US Hiphop is a par. This man is the saviour.


I hope you like one or 2, and if you don't feel free to lay on the hate.

Happy Holidays!

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