Wednesday, 16 December 2009

strip, buff, polish, repeat..


Been a while, I have been quite busy lately with wrapping things up before I head home for Christmas, so I have the christmas shopping on lock, I have my bikes about 60% done. They are going to look fresh! The ribble I took all the paint off and polished like I have never polished anything in my life and it looks amazing, like a mirror, I never thought it would come up as well as it had, I stripped, cleaned and began putting everything back on last night and the Ribble is looking sweet. Could use a new drivetrain though. Shimano stuff is so expensive out here though. (Campag is worse!)

The BMX I have also stripped so the white and green has gone, the 125r has a really nice bare finish, no scorching or blemises, so I decided to high polish that up, then clearcoat it, the forks and bars are now gloass black, sure it nwon't be as eye catching but i'm excited to see it built back up and looking fresh faced.

So that has taken a klot of time recently, but thats been good with Daniella being away and it being VERY cold, the projects have kept me occupied. Training has been a bit hit and miss, I got quite sick last week, I was in bed at 6pm on friday, not a good look for a friday night, I have no idea what happened to me, but I fell asleep instantly and then I woke up at 10am the next day, Damn, exhausted I guess.

I busted out the christmas shopping on Saturday with my friend Danielle and she helped me find a suitable head piece for the masquerade party I was due to attend that evening. I decided to go against tradition of a mask and go in a bear head piece. It was a hit, and looking back through the pictures of me and the Amigas it was definitely a funny evening, I was a hot mess. But I definitly still wasn't back to full fitness.

Sunday was grim, but I had a little ride, and worked on the whips a bit, then went for a lovely dinner party out in Brooklyn, with a mexican flave. It was seriously good, I just ate a lot of good food in good company, drank some red wine and just talked for hours. Their house was an old Butchers palce above his shhope, it had these amazing huge sinks and stand alone bath tub going on, plus huge counters, I guess he liked to bring his work home with him! So cool.

This week training has been a little more back on, but I definitely took a hit.

In latest news, BA are going on strike, not cool. Their week long strike is due to start on the 22nd, and i'm due to fly home that very day. Gutted. Right now, it's just fingers crossed that they resolve it and i'll be home, otherwise, I don't know. Nightmare.

Been listening to a lot of dancehall, garage, funky bashment theis last week, I caught the Heatwaves show on Rinse FM last week and it blew me away, I love the sound. Get on this mix if you have an hour to spare, or need some tunes for a journey, nothing but feel good UK funky bashment business.

Also download The Fader magazine (issue 64 with Animal Collective on the front - it's free!) and read the interview with UK producer Zomby, what a character! Making amazing music like this.

Love it. It's so intricate, I can't even imagine where he started with it. And the rest of his tunes are out there and deep, Gloop, spliff dub and float.

Pictures of the whips will be added later I hope.

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