Sunday, 20 December 2009

The whips!

Still amped everytime I look at them! But, we had the worst blizzard in NYC (known as a Noreaster) on Saturday that lasted way into Sunday morning and covered the city in over a foot of snow in places - Crazy.. So not going to be able to ride for I don't know how long.. :( Going out to take some snaps of the park now.

Last night I raved with my favourite Amigas, Kristen and Ale to Santos Party House, we literally trekked like mountain goats in ankle deep snow to get to the party commited! I think they were pumped on it. Hudson Mohawke did a treat dropping massive tune after massive tune. Highlights for me were a refix of his banger fuse and newham generals hard. Love that tune when it gets dropped in the dance! We blagged a fair few free drinks and ALMOST got in for free... So close.

I had a wicked day yesterday finishing up my Christmas shopping, taking a ride before it snowed in the brutal cold, and then had a duck sheppards pie with friends at a very swanky restaurant, where I stood out like a sore thumb!

Friday night a few from work did a Korean BBQ which was absolutely amazing, and then karaoke, which was just utter carnage. Utter. Too much Soje wine, too much. But It was a big look to be getting into the festive flavour with some of the work lot, its funny, I never rolled out with work people before but its so different here, its much younger and diverse, and I suppose its just being in NYC with the endless options, whatever, I had a blast, was mashup, dropped some major bombs and of course dropped Frank Sinatra and some MJ, and RIP goes out to the man ERRYDAY!

Some of the 'dam!

Nancy, pure diva, she absolutely kills me!

In other news BA called off the strike - hell yes, i was bricking it for a bit! So, homeward bound on wednesday, sheeeeeeet!!

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