Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Parlez vous en Francais?

So, so amped about France right now! Even if we are enduring sub-zero temperatures here in NYC, i'm feeling warm inside for the upcoming BMX smiles, South of France sunshine on my face, friends, trails, dusty tracks, good food, a few jambon sarnies, a few beers, and just good, good times. I have been looking through my collections off the last few years that I have been, my first trip way back in 2004 just 6 of us on road, and the trip grew and grew, this year there are about 25 of us, and it remains the highlight in my BMX calendar. I missed it last year as I had just moved to NYC, so this year i'm amped up and ready to large it up!

NYC has been brutal this last week or 2, long hours at work, hectic training that has left me wrecked, long road rides in the savage cold, its all prep, and i'm feeling strong for what's coming. A 475lb deadlift on Tuesday night was a new PR. I got a pat on the back from a tank of a man.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the last few years, photos courtesy of, one love, AT, one love, myself, no love, and perhaps a sneaky on from Joey Gough, bear love.

France is gonna be magic.

2006 crew

Piste de Bicross - standard.

Me, ala boost back in 2007 i think.

St. Maxime, savage.

In yo faces!

Tuffy and myself, <3

Puget de Ville. Suc le blu!!

2007 Crew

Ste. Maxime, not the Serengetti

Tuffy, sending it!

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