Monday, 1 March 2010

The Dream is somewhat over...

It's hard to put in to words how brillaint the France Roadtrip is. I have been on it every year for the the last 7, only missing out last year as I moved here to the New York. This would have been number 9. They just get better every time. This year was just immense. Amazing weather, yet we all feared the worst with some of the most catastrophic storms in France in the last 50 years battering the country, we were blessed with blue skies, warm sunshine, a cool breeze and a spring like feel. Amazing.

I kept a journal everyday, more for myself than on here, it would be dull to list all the tracks, but I just want to look back and read it and remember all the little details. Of which there were many.

We didn't cover that many miles this year, and thats exactly what I wanted, we stayed close, rode all the best tracks we have discovered in the last few years and sessioned them for longer, definitely a better approach, especially when there are 30+ people on board!

This years trip was captured by people far better at capturing things than I, so in the next few weeks pictures will begin to trickle through, videos will be created, and i'll share them on here. I cannot wait.

Works from will be on here eventually, he gave a little taste today too:

So Sick. Me on the left at Trets and Cal on the right at Cornillion.

Johnny kept a daily blog, and his blog in general is just a work of genius. Considering he was a fallen solider, he was always in the highest of spirits, his blog is genius.

Joey. Footage!!

Jay at HCHHQ Jokes!

I cannot wait to see/read their stuff!

France 2010, an absolute treat.

I rode hard every day, and it was hard on my body, tendinitis in my left forearm was the worst of it, torn up hands and a blown up right knee, but its all pain invested in something so worthwhile, I can rest when I'm dead.

It took me a while to find my flow but it all came back, and I re-found the BMX love, not that it never really went away, it was just was laying dormant. Its been a rough Winter. I am so amped up for racing, training and South Africa!

More to follow!