Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Doing it up proper.


Things have returned to normal here in my world, back to the grind, back in the gym, back to the box room I call a house, it's all good though, it could be far worse. Right now, all my energies (and money) are going to my South African endeavours at the end of July, i'm hoping for some grisly OT in the next couple of months to get it all paid for and hopfully make some days up so I can also spend some time with the mandem in the UK either side of the trip. Bolehills training sessions pre-trip. Mash up post trip. That's how we do.

Peru was legitimate, unlike anywhere I have ever experienced, I was spoilt, I never lifted a finger, and it felt good to really unwind before I came back to NYC to crank it fully back on again. I met some amazing people, and loved it from start to finish. It was such an amazing experience, one that I shall never forget, even though it was very short.

We jam packed our days and the adventure never stopped. Travelling over from NYC with guapo Carlitos, we arrived to met by my main man Ricardo, Hermosa Daniella and my main Amiga Kristen, we cruised to the house to meet the Fam, firm handshakes and cold stares form the man, warm loving tenderness from the Mam. It was all good, the Clifford charm had a few days to work its way in. Either that, or i'd be tossed into the ocean with a pocket full of rocks. I jest. It was treats from the get go.

We ate fresh seafood, mashed it up with Pisco sours, threw ourselves down sand dunes on "sandboards" (planks of wood, waxed up) chileld with penguins and sealions, drove with a mad man through the desert in a sand buggy with rope for seatbelts, travelled to Ica, Pisco, Baracas and the rave. We spent most of the time in Lima living it, the weather was bless up. The wedding was a smasher, Daniella told me in no uncertain words that I could not lick any silverware (a terrible habit, I know) so instead I took to standing behind the happy couple when they were having a picture taken with a pro photographer and full on lick a plate. Brilliant.

I managed to throw some legitimate shapes on the dancefloor and basicaly shut down the party... Literally. A ring formed as I threw down the 2, maybe 3 b-boy moves i can muster from my repetoire and it went off, immeadiatley making frends and being "that guy" Daniella was halfway between aghast, and proud. More the prior.

Word on the grapevine though, was that Daniella's Dad was on the sidelines on the 2nd dance off, beat boxig and clapping me in. Standard.

Amazing food, company, music, atmosphere, vibes, an amazing wedding and party for sure. I don't think I'm ever going to get married, as it will be lame in comparison and I'll just be disappointed.

Oh, If only I could just go back. I had such an amazing time, a truly beautiful country with amazing people that made me feel truly welcome, they made the experience unforgettable. I loved it. My plans before I return are to try and learn MORE Spanish, my puny grasp of the language is a par.

Here are some pictures, just a taste, but it tastes so good, I feel all warm inside when I look through them, good times for really.

A penguin, a sealion, a shit load of birds and shit load of shit. The penguins never looked sure. They were amazing.

The incriminating picture.

Pre-mash up

Back in NYC, my project was a recurring nightmare that slapped me in the face, I am so over this damn bridge! The weather was brutal, and I really resented being back here. I had lived the dream for 2 weeks, I missed my frends, BMX, the warm sun on my face and I missed the free feeling I had inside of me in Peru, I felt free of everything.

This week has seen me, and the weather improve (funny that) gym sessions have been strong and i'm formulating a solid routine to get fast! I am so amped for SA! Out on the bike tonight for some sprints and a little session, and hopefully i'll get some new snaps of the whip looking fly. Trails this weekend, and just find the flow for a little bit.

It's on you know. 4 months of solid prepartaion, focus and determination, I'm going big for SA, thats what everything has been and will be for.

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Northern Monkey said...

Deeeeeaaaaammmmm DC!! Haircut? Shave? and then you go all South Yorkshire on us by licking a plate... Honestly!!