Friday, 12 March 2010

This World is Ours.

I have to write a little bit about my Peru trip, its on my to-do list for this weekend, which after the marathon weekends I've had recently i'm looking forward to spending it doing absolutely nothing... NOTHING!

I have got my new standard 125r built up (so sweet!), and I have joined a new gym, so all I am amped to get back to things in a new environment, get my sprint on, get my race on in the coming weeks and get my gym on. France was the biggest inspiration for me, probably in the last 12 months actually. I still feel warm and glowing when I think about it.

Peru was amazing, more to follow. Along with pictures.

Right now though, may I suggest 2 things, the Gilles Peterson show from last week with Flying Lotus.. Incredible.

And this.

I have decided, that if I ever marry, this will be my first dance with the galdem, whether that dance be outside the drive-through window of the wedding joint in Vegas, or in some hall filled with a load of people I don't like, it's going off. Regardless.

Anyway, all will be caught up withthis weekend. Standard, Amigos!

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