Friday, 26 March 2010


Weather looks good this weekend, a little party tonight (minimum to no drinking) some good music and company and then tomorrow its all about the 1st round of the BMX supercross in Madrid, the track looks sweet, the rider list is the biggest of any SX round ever, and a god handful of riders representing GB.

Run hard GB!!

I'll be watching on Freecaster for sure.

The weather for Sunday looks nice, so I want to get out to Queens and ride the trails apaprently they are running nice and there is a digging session going on too, so i'll be getting involved in that for sure.

Music wise the latest offerings from FACT mag is a HEAVY mix from the grime outfit BUTTERZ or individually Skilliam and Elijah, the tracklist is heavy and the mix is available here, its serious. You need it.

Big ups as usual to FACT coming through with the good on the regular.

This weeks training has been savage, and i've been happy with it, I look forward to resting tomorrow then just riding for fun on Sunday.

I sent my frame back to Standard to have that little crack inspected, I didn't expect to get much back from them as it is so old (4 years) but they wrote to me in the week, saying the headtube was defective and they'll send me out a new one. I was so stoked, so another Standard 125r is on its way to me in raw, not entitrely sure what to do with it yet, but i'm very happy. SA63 for life... and Dialled. Of course..

Stay Breezy!

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