Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Oi oi!

Things are good, work is very, very slow so far this week, what normally happens is I get lulled into a false sense of security, spend my days catching up with current affiars, twitter, music blogs, radio and other delights of the internet that cost me nothing but broaden my horizons and cheer me up. Well mostly cheer me up, current affairs leave me feeling horribly depressed. The Moscow bombing being a prime example and news of that hardly recieved any coverage over here. I hate the US news channels, even the BBC world service is watered down so much so I can't watch it. Plus all that fake tan, teeth whitening stuff just upsets me. I'll read or hear my own damn news whilst i'm in the tanning salon, thank you very much.

Anyway, tangential.

What will happen is on Friday at about 2pm the shit will hit the fan and i'll get a weeks worth of work handed to me and it'll have to be completed before I leave, otherwise thousands of kittens will perish.

The Madrid Supercross was a visual delight, the commentary was a bit tripe, but better than that on Eurosport, watching it live was great, I was so amped, and being my rest day I didn't feel guilty for skipping out on anything. I did feel guilty for almost eating 1kg of yogurt though.

The UK crew repped hard, big ups to Cal Strickland hitting his first SX race, all out of his own (or his Fam's) pocket, he qualified 99 in a field of about 150, not bad at all for his first ever SX event, and the track was unlike any other SX track seen yet. Bloomy was poorly, and despite being in hospital for his back again, still got up there and repped making the cut down to 64, but not into the quarters, LP65 rode amazingly, and I felt was robbed when he went down in the quarter. Big things to come I'm sure. Shanaze just needs to ride her BMX more, she looked stiff, but still incredibly strong, she finished up 2nd, but i'm sure she'll be back in it by Copenhagen. Another UK rider earning a shout out from my humble self was Abbie Taylor, this track was not shy and she went there and rode strong, more experience and you'll be up there girl.

The track was purely built for the fans, to shock and awe, for them to be entertained, it didn't really showcase these riders amazing abilities, a lot of riders were injured, a lot of riders you'd expect to see up there, weren't. I wonder how different things will be in Copenhagen, i'm sure Connor Fields will still be killing it, I'm sure Sam Willoughby will still be an unstoppable force, and i'm almost sure we haven't seen the huge potential within Maris Strombergs yet. Also Cristian Becerine, DAMN! One of the oldest guys there and a first straght that much ave been one the quickest of the day, consistently, inspirational.

Exciting times.

Big ups to Warren, repping the birthday look last weekend, love you man, and AT getting all old and shit this weekend, mad love to my Fam back home. I can't wait to see you both soon.

Big upz also to RB.com sending me some prints in the post, thank you man, can't wait to get them hung up and finish off my shrine to you. My apartment walls are not worthy.

Here are a couple of visual and Aural treats for you. Visuals, a very interesting short film about opirate radio stations in the LDN.

A'hoy there

And Aural, in the form of Pretty Lights. Beautiful.

Understand me now

More Important

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