Sunday, 11 April 2010

We crash in to each other just so we can feel something..

Time flies, it only feels like a couple of days ago that I last journaled something, but here I am 12 days down the line thinking of stuff to write to make my life seem interesting to my now, 12 (OMFG WTF LOL) followers.

Hi, all 12 of you.

Things have been bless, the weather has been very very kind, at one point getting up to 34 degrees c, thats about 95 in fahrenheit I think, which is about fucking hot, I think. Beautiful. It just so happened to be on my sprint day at Pier 54, it was early evening, the cool breeze coming off of the Hudson as I busted my set of 5 100m sprints, coupled in with some plyometric work, and body weight exercises. The heat made it hard, bit the breeze made it lovely, I wanted just to dive into the water afterwards. I pretty much have the pier to myself as there are other piers along the Hudson that offer more than Pier 54 (it literally offers, a bench) so I don't have to look like Rocky doing my urban training and be heavily judged by New Yorkers with their Daschunds.

So training has been good, and working in some interesting crossfit exercises that have people in the gym coming up and asking me whats up, I have spread the word of crossfit, or at least a small snippet of it to a few people. I honestly believe it has helped me hugely in developing my power and even allowed me to lean up a little in the process. Get involved.

Work has been dry, standard. So over it.

Bolehills is getting a remake, get yourself over to The Bolehills Connect and see whats popping off, so excited to see the wheels in motion at last! Big up to all involved.

This weekend I raced the local NBL race at Howell the track was legit, and next week hosts a regional, regionals here are a big deal, a lot of people can't get to Nationals whether it be the distance, the money, the time, or all of those things, so regional racing is pretty huge. It's a 2 day event and I'm amped to pull out some big wins in my class.

Reppin' Derby BMX..

This weekend I raced up (or down) in with the 18-19 years olds, I fancied seeing what the youth came with. I didn't think there was anyone in my class, so I asked to race down, turns out I was looking in the wrong place.. Ah well, the youth were hauling and it was good for me to race them. I think the beard made 'em shit themselves though cos I won every race. Big ups. I felt good out there!

After the race I treated myself to a new race kit.. It's heavy.

So it'll get its 1st outing next week, and the crowd goes wild.

Something I want the world to hear, is James Zabiela's Essential Mix, never before have I rinsed a 2 hour mix so much, its deep, entrancing, and wonderfully put together. If you don't know, get to know.

The new Standard 125r arrived too, i really don't know what to do, keep the black or use the raw, both are funky fresh. Confuddled.

All roads lead to South Africa., that much I do know.

Stay breezey x x

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