Wednesday, 19 May 2010

BK All Day!

Been on a super productive flex these past couple of weeks, hitting the training hard, busting out a 60 hour week at work to shift the Bridge, having a sick weekend with Daniella and later on catching up with KRey and sharing some beverages in the Amity Hall, nice vibes. I left them about 11 and headed to my buddies place he was having a rooftop party and the theme was "Hipster" I have a few hip trinkets but not too many. My days though! The roof was packed out! There must have been 150+ people up there, a DJ, a paddling pool filled with ice and drink, lighting, and it was a big look!

I supped some red stripe on the casual and just mellowed out with a few of the mandem, met some cool, listened to some hot jams and enjoyed the beautiful Summer evening. All good.

Sunday I got up and trained so hard it literally left me on the floor at one point it was brutal, but damn did it feel good, I managed to clean and press 185lbs for 2. My new PB, and a huge imprvement, so happy with that.

I had a Cuban brunch which was big, so into the Cuban food thing, chicken and rice, eggs and fried bananas all day! My friend graduated from Columbia so I joined him for a bit and bigged up his flex and achievements as is standardly required in these situations, then i rushed home, grabbed the whip and went uptown to get my session on at the trails, I timed it right, guys were arriving to fix up the place, and on Friday the city plumbed them in.

So stoked, we got water at the trails, we pretty much tore down the 2nd and 3rd sets and rebuilt them, and they looked amazing, we built up the step up into the back turn and started uncovering an old turn that would allow a continual loop to be put in, its incredible how much more can be done when you have good tools, and you have water.

I am going back up on Thursday hopefully they'll have baked in a bit and then this weekend a few more hours shifting dirt should get the entire line running, then we can start on the new set - exciting times ahead at Highbridge! I'll get some snaps this weekend too.

Last night too we found our new home, its big! Here's the craigs;ist link to it, super amped on it, check it out.

We move in on June 1st and I can't wait to get it set up. 20 minute ride to Manahattan on the L. 20 minutes on the bike over the Williamsburg Bridge, near the Marcy Ave Projects, as any of you hiphop cats will know is where Jay Z came from. So much histroy, so immersed in culture and so different to anywhere i'll ever live again. I'm amped. BK all day!

Been listening to loops this week, and this guy produces fresh cuts on the real, have a listen, and cool out to some of this. Nomak.

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