Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Brooklyn Runs Hard!

Done know!

I have been ultimately slack updating my blog, and yesterday a strongly worded skype message from RB.com got my butt in gear to update and share whats been up! To be honest, as hectic as it has been, it isn't really all that interesting. Oh, woe is me.

Just wanna say a big up to RB.com for the prints, getting them framed and hung next week homie!

There is but 5 weeks until I fly back to the UK, and only 6 before I race the BMX Worlds in South Africa. Excited, nervous, amped, and ready are all the things I feel right now. I have put in a lot of work and feel strong on my bike, I feel a few more gate sessions and i'll be dialled. It's all in my head, and I have never felt as positive about things as I do now. Say no to pessimism! Something I find very hard to do normally.

Pottstown PA semi final time, this track was so sick, and possibly the smoothest place I have ever ridden! Loved it.

I am so excited about going home and seeing everyone, sessioning Bolehills, seeing my Fam, blood and non-blood, its going to be wonderful, 4 days before SA and 5 days after. I'm anticipating a cause for celebration on my return. Standard.

Riding has been sick, I've raced every weekend for the last 6 weekends, whether that be a local, regional or national, its all prep, and experience, the last race I hit was the Kingston Point Pro AM last Saturday, where I made it through to the semis but not out, as gutted as I was it was ne easy feat getting into the semis, 31 riders wittled down to 8 on moto rotation system, and just about every local pro showed up, big hitters in Vet Pro, 19-25, National number 1's in 26-34 and Super ex class. It was a pleasure to be racing them all. Good clean fun. I didn't transfer out of my semi, but neither did some guys that really ought to have, so whatever, it was mad hard, and as one of my buddies said, probably a lot harder than SA will be, so that will definitely help. Making mains at National level, podiums at Regionals, i'm feeling good.

Training has been consistent and strong, I bought a book called 40 seconds to success, number one Haro Pro Lauren Smith told me she though the success would come in 40 seconds, but I don't think thats what the title means, its a good read, but a lot of it is stuff I had been doing already, and there is no book, no matter what anyone says, that can get in your head and get yo over your number one competition, yourself. So I skipped that section.

Gym has been solid, sprints are getting easier and less vomit inducing. One of my concerns is the tracks here can be quite tame, and the Worlds track will be far from that, so i've been making it a priority when i show up to ramp something large. My main aim in the next few weeks is South Parks pro section. I hit some big trails this weekend upstate, and felt no stress, and the large triple at the end of Kingston's 1st straight got ramped, and not may have hit that, so thats all good for the soul.

Other than racing, training and working things have been kinda quiet, getting rest, eating right and sticking to the program doesn't really make for interesting blog posts!

I did move house, and it's SICK! Photos to come, so stoked on it. Brooklyn is legit, i'm in East Williamsburg, a 20 minute ride to downtown Manhattan and work over the Williamsburg Bridge, a cool area, nice neighbourhood vibe, a brand new building, and SPACE for days. Exactly what I wanted. I did however have an altercation with a friendly chap in his car yesterday on the ride home from work who I think was drawing for his 9, and about to pop off at me. Needless to say, I got the hell out of their stat, I don't believe he packed heat, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out.. All in a days work!

I need to work on my handlebar moustache, my fixed gear skids, and look into buying more plaid and thick rimmed glasses with no lenses though. I stick out like a sore thumb right now.

I'll try and get pictures of the new place up soon, one love! x

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