Monday, 28 June 2010

Get back in it.

Been a while again, don't know whats up with me lately, I have been feeling a little low, but trying to overcome any negative feelings I have and focussing on what I want, and know I can achieve.

I have hurt my back, not entirely certain how I did it, but it has thrown me off my training schedule and definitely has affected how i have been riding lately. So much goes through your core and lower back in BMX, and in pretty much every activity we perform, from sitting on the throne in the morning, to sweeping the floor, to riding my bike. Every thing is affected. I am icing it 6 times a day, performing gentle stretches and attending my yoga class to get myself right and exact. I have decided to take this week off from everything, no trails, no jumps, no squats, no sprints, just lay it up and heal.

I have 32 days between now and the South Africa. I can afford to take 5-7 of those off, and get my back as close to 100% as posssible, then its clean training, nothing risky,, just riding, focussing on my sprints and jumps, I'll save getting under the bar until after SA.

This weekend I raced at South Park, which has been one of the tracks I have wanted to ride at since watching the old Transit videos, I just wish I was in better form, I never hit the pro set, held back by the fact that a case would hurt and I couldn't afford the pain. The rest of the track was sick though a pretty fun 1st straight into a super fast, lipped up 2nd straight, into the 3rd straight which consisted of a huge table, and the split for the pro jump to the left, and the double line to the left, into turn 4 and into the 4th straight. Room to pass along thr entire track and if you kept it smooth and rode smart you could make up spots all day.

My gates were okay, but again, I was almost reluctant in throwing my hips forward. I managed a  2 2 3 in motos, a 4th in the semi and a way into the main event. Making a main in the 26-43x class is not to be sniffed at, and I was stoked to be there. Especially at South Park. I blew up on the gate though, wheelied, then had to stop pedaling and then the pack was gone, I finished 8th for the day. Ho hum.

I plan on racing in 2 weeks, then thats about it before I fly back to the UK, I want to hit gates 1 hour a day every day until I leave, then we have a pre-arranged track session at a Durban track that sounds sick as, this will be my polishing up before practise begins on the Worlds track.

Mixed feelings right now, I know when my back feels just a little bit better though and I can get back into things, my mood, and feelings will improve, I believe I can make an impact in South Africa and bring home some silverware.

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