Monday, 16 August 2010

Check your chains, check your chains...

That was what the BMX race commentator said over the mic time and time again at the South Park Stars and Stripes national a couple months back. And it's advice anyone that races BMX should adhere too. The chain is everything, and when it drops off or snaps it is catastrophic, so please, for me, check your chain before you head out on the bike next time.

I didn't check my chain. I built up the Standard on Tuesday night and it looked so sick, but being a brand new frame the paint can be a little thick on the dropouts, so doing up the bolt tight, and then checking it everyday is kinda essential, I did not. I did sprints, rode it about a bit, and of course the wheel moved slightly and the chain loosened.

3rd gate in practce I got to my 3rd pedal and bam, next thing I knew I was eating tarmac and sliding down the hill on my face. Its one of those things that happens so fast that you literally have no time to think, you're pulling one minute the next you're on the floor, you go where gravity wants you to.

So now I have 2 arms that look like i've gone toe-2-toe with a bear and an assortment of chest, hip and thigh abrasions to match. Oof.

Check your chains.

I had it strapped up and took some tylenol, the mother of all drugs and pretty much Americas answer to any niggle. It worked, I raced well getting a 1 3 1 in motos, then 4th in the main. I rode smooth and felt good, I was on flats too. So kinda stoked. I had lane 1 in the main, and that was a bit shit, The guy that won I had beaten all day, but thats BMX, right?

But I had a sick day, Amelie Despeaux is here in NYC, the Elite Woman World no. 4 and her friend, French National Champiopn Anna Metton, so after racing we sessioned and it was a treat, Giorgio was our driver and supreme racer for the day, good times, good laughs and one of the best race days i've had this year, what BMX is all about!

This past week has been great too, my Brother Ben is in town and his fiance Alex, and we have hung out most nights, gotten dinner, hit Long island City beach in the evening for dancing and soca, caught up, explored the city and the outer boroughs and its been wonderful having them both here, they leave today and I'll miss them both for sure.

On the Saturday we all hit the beach along with Amelie and Anna, Carlitos came through too for the vibe. It was a lovely day, the ocean the warmest I've ever felt it at Long Beach and the wave was nice, lots of body surfing went down, finding crabs in the sand and drinking beers and champagne from the cooler, it was a treat of a day. Spent a lot of time in the water with Ben and it was good to be with him, its been a long time since we have hung out properly. Good times, love you Bruv.

This week, I'll be nursing the injuries for a couple of days the hitting the gym and sprints, deciding if I want to hit the NBL Grands in 2 weeks time and also deciding if I want to go to San Diego to watch the Supercross round at Chula Vista. I think one of those is on, perhaps not both. A little dinner and party party with Amelie and Anna this week and then going to hit the Poconos on Saturday for white water rafting, water skiing, canoeing, hot tubs and swimming, should be a treat!

Check your chains.

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