Thursday, 19 August 2010

The last 18 months of my working life..

A little different to my usual posts...

It's been an interesting year and a half here working in the New York office. My background for the last 10 years has been mainly buildings structures, but here in NYC I was bought in to work on the A30 Highway, and more specifically the st, Laurent bridge. A gargantuan structure bridging the gap over the St. Laurent river in Quebec. The A30 highway links one of the main transport hubs out of Montreal to Quebec City, without this 100km stretch of highway and bridges the distance to travel from a to b is almost tripled. The aim of this highway was to increase business and tourism between the 2 cities, decrease the amount of time spent commuting, and speed up the links for haulage.

The construction phase is still very early, perhaps another 1-1.5 years before its complete, but the Engineering and drafting is almost complete.

These pictures show a little of what is happening on my bridge Section 2, Pont du St. Laurent. And it puts it all into perspective again for me. Massive in the game.


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